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  1. We have 3 sets of steel that we rotate and we use a sparx machine. I get the toe snap/flick, it seems his heel comes up before he gets full extension. I’ve taken slo mo video of him skating, you can also hear it when he’s skating sometimes (I’m one of his coaches). Don’t know how to explain it other than it’s makes more noise than normal before the toe flick with full extension, like slicing the ice. Not sure if it’s the 7/8th he skates on that maybe makes his skating noisier (I skate on 1/2 in). His skating coach thought maybe he’s leaning too much onto his toes with the 6 in the front. I could just be neurotic but I figured now that hockey slows down with off season we could look into trying something else to correct it.
  2. Hi, my son currently skates on a zuperior M profile and has for the last 2 years. His skating coach and I have noticed he’s picking up his heel a little bit and not getting full power from his stride. He’s a good skater and made national camp this past year. Skating coach said maybe we should look into changing profile. Is there anything we can do with the current profile (change the pitch?) or maybe should we switch to a quad profile (maybe quad 0.5 due to 8 in front)? We didn’t do anything extra to the zuperior profile and he had his blades reprofiled in November by a legit equipment manager. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hi, my son who just turned 15 got a free pair of blades which have a zuperior M profile, his other pairs of blades have a zuperior S. I know the breakdown of the profiles but is it a major blade feel difference on the ice if he switched from one to the other? He’s a good skater for his age. Thanks for any advice.
  4. They were retail and to be quite honest I didn’t know they had a quad profile. I was able to buy them before being actually sold in the stores, and I bought tydan replacement blades from someone local and spoke to them about getting blades profiled and he recommended 7-12 and I had him profile them. I’m used to buying skates for myself and my son and just assumed they were standard blades. The guy does a lot of NHL and other high level player skates so I went with what he suggested and I guess either way my son needed tydan blades profiled, he mentioned he would have more blade on the ice, but he also probably didn’t know the pulse blades had a quad 0 on it. That being said I don’t know which profile he likes better. It took him a bit to get used to 7-12 but he seems ok for the most part. He’s a typical just turned 13 kid and doesn’t offer much info, just says he likes them. He also likes his shoes with holes and shirts with stains on them. I do see him slipping on crossovers which he never had an issue with. He’s a good skater who spends a lot of time working on it. I was looking to add more speed and acceleration and went with what was recommended, I spoke to a couple people and did the tydan assessement which recommended the 30/55. I probably should’ve left his blades alone but when I bought the tydan ones I figured I’d get them both profiled.
  5. He has size 263 blades on the Bauer ultra sonic, has pulse and tydan steel. I figured it would be best to have someone see him skate but I don’t know of anyone in NJ that would watch him skate and make a strong recommendation. I will look into pro sharp profiles as well.
  6. Hi, I got my son’s skates profiled for the first time and was recommended to do 7-12. My son doesn’t hate it (doesn’t love it either) and I haven’t seen any improvements either so I was discussing with someone and they suggested going to cag one 30/55. He’s an offensive Dman, plays AAA and just turned 13. Is there a major difference between the 2 profiles? Trying to not spend the extra money unless it would help. Cag one person said he would have more blade on the ice compared to the 7-12 profile he’s on. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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