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  1. That's similar to what I remember as well. A group of us would meet up on weekends and play all afternoon and into the evenings at a schools parking lot. I really enjoyed it because I was the youngest, smallest one there and I think that really helped my game by playing against all bigger kids - I was in 5th or 6th grade and these other kids were either in high school, and some were just out of high school. It was by no means competitive for them, but if offered me quite a challenge! The bigger picture of the sport is still very similar in both inline and ice, and I think that's a big part of the game. Sure you can work your butt off stick handling, skating, and shooting. But seeing how a play will develop before it happens, or knowing what to do with the puck in certain circumstances can be learned through hours of playing - on ice or off!
  2. Thank you for sharing such detailed information about your area! I really appreciate it! Kyle
  3. Interesting, I'll definitely have to do some more research in my area as far as rink ownership goes, at this point it's just a thought, if you will, but it is seeming to pick up more steam recently for me.
  4. AH, gotcha! That makes complete sense. Thanks! It sounds like the BFHL and Toronto inline is what happened around here, gotta have a system to feed, it's really hard/ impossible to rely on people to return, especially if there is no up keep or improvements with the facility. Thanks!
  5. lol @ waiting for the puck carrier for offsides! I can just imagine the guys yelling at you, GO! I would love to own an inline facility that allowed for year round inline, with sport court and puck use. $$$$$ Inline really is more accessable for many people, but in order to own a rink takes a serious layout of money I'm fnding.
  6. Inline is definitely more of a free flowing game, less stoppages and all that, which is part of what makes both ice and inline have unique challenges! Inline reminds me of just going out and having fun with the boys (granted I never played at an elite level in inline), where ice has always been so serious it seems, even in some drop-ins! And I really enjoy lunch time ice drop-ins (different crowd usually). I'm always down for a good tough skate, but some people go overboard. You can find that in inline as well though I guess. I think if an inline rink is ran correctly there has got to be a way for it to be for profit and still be competitive against ice rinks. From my understanding most ice rinks have municipal funding which makes it very difficult to stay competitive. There are very few private ice rinks that I know of. Thanks!
  7. When you say market as a different sport altogether, what do you mean? No doubt I've got my work cut out for me but it helps that I have a little vision of where it could be, the biggest thing would be to develop youth leagues in order to bring more awareness to the sport who may then eventually develop into adult beer leaguers.... It's going to be a journey no doubt and take a little (read: lot) of luck, but I think it would be worth it, not only for myself, but for the sport and community as a whole. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Great point, I don't understand why ice beer leagues get such crappy time slots - I guess with other leagues and schools, those time slots are a little more important for earlier slots.... But that's the way she rolls I guess! Thanks!
  9. Haha, yeah we can leave it at "interesting" -- Wouldn't have been bad if the owner took a little more care of the building itself...
  10. My local rink was Rivertown... the hole in the wall, at best...
  11. Very true, more room, more time with the puck, and maybe more goals (haha). No icing or offsides, no zamboni - all positive aspects! Most important for me growing up was that it was a less costly option over ice. I enjoyed every inline game I played whether it was organized or not. Thanks for sharing!
  12. MAN, all valid points! I think there is some stigma that if you play roller, you're not a real hockey player - I even heard a varsity coach tell his team NOT to play inline because it will impact their fundamentals of skating! Granted this coach was a really great high school coach and all, but for the love of the game, and different skill development will help regardless! One day I hope to own an inline facility to bring inline back to youth and adults around here, and all of these are very very good points. Thanks!
  13. I hear ya, inline seems way more relaxed, but still competitive compared to ice. I like that inline is less expensive too, especially for leagues. I wish roller was more popular all the way around, but I think some people think if you play roller, you're not a "real hockey player" or some weird stigma about it. I'm trying to figure out other competitive advantages inline has over ice incase one day I acheive my dream of owning an inline facility! Thanks!
  14. As of late, due to circumstances of my inline facility closing I've been playing drop in ice hockey. I miss inline though. Cheaper fees and a different atmosphere is what I find to be attractive too. A lot of guys are trying still trying to make it to the pros in the beer leagues in ice for the leagues that I've played in - inline not so much. Do you play inline in a facility or like outdoors? Thanks!
  15. I grew up playing street hockey, then a group of friends started playing roller in an empty parking lot on the weekends. I didn't play organized until I was like 13 or 14 for inline (ice was too expensive). There was only one place that offered it near me and it was actually an indoor soccer place that put down tiles. I have some of the best memories from that place, but they stopped doing inline a long time ago. More recently our only other place for year round inline closed down as well. I'm trying to get a feel for what competitive advantage inline has over ice if one day I can accomplish my dream to run an inlne hockey facility for youth and adult leagues. Thanks for your response!
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