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  1. Ive been skating for all my life im 16 currently and its been starting to act up in the last 2 years outta no where. Hydration wise I usually drink a gallon of water a day but its just been killing trying to go full speed and outta no where it feels like my thighs are going to give out and i cant do it anymore.
  2. My thighs have been feeling really bad lately and im not sure what the problem is. Every time when skating at my fastest for a short amount of time my thighs start to really start to act up. They get reallt tight and It hurts to skate. I really need to figure out what the problem is because its affecting how I play and the level I play at.
  3. Do you have examples of resistance training? Like any exercises
  4. The feeling I get in my quads is hard to explain but I will try the best I can. If I go balls out for 30 seconds skating the fast I can my quads start to get really tight mostly feeling like cramping. It feels like I just wanna give up and stop skating because it hurts so much. Thats what It feels like Im not sure what the problem is because I usually stretch a lot before games and practices. Hopefully this sorta clarifies what Im trying to say.
  5. Ive been skating all my life ever since I was 3 (Im 16 now). Recently I found out the cause of pain that was happening on my hamstrings and why the were to tight after going balls out for 30 seconds. (Latic Acid). But when i fixed my problem my thighs haven been starting to get tighter and more tired which would never happen to me. Im not sure what the problem is, my team works out 2 times a week and personally I go an extra 2-3 times by myself. Does anyone know a way to get rid of this feeling and how so?
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