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  1. Ok, that's encouraging to hear. But when I showed those skates to a skate sharpener, she said they were too short and she even showed me other players' skate blades that seemed to be taller than mine. I have to admit, I've had my skates sharpened frequently lately because I've been experimenting (Sparx flat bottom vs Blademaster flat bottom but this is probably another discussion topic). In any event, if someone did have to replace their blades to taller ones, how long of an adjustment does that take to get used to the new blades? It's not going to be just the skates, but also the effective stick length I imagine would be altered as well.
  2. I have the CCM Ribcore 76K skates that I bought about a year ago (size 7.5 EE). I'm wondering if the blade height is too small. You can see a pic here: https://ibb.co/mBC38X6 Even though the ruler reads 0.8 cm, it's about 0.3 cm from the edge of the ruler to "0", so the blade height is roughly 1.0 cm to 1.1 cm. I'm skating fine with them now but I don't want to have to make a huge adjustment if I have to replace them with taller blades. Also, I'm noticing that people in these forums seem to like the Step Steel blades. Are they really that better than other replacement blades?
  3. I found a simple solution, just get larger sized shin pads. I went an inch higher and problem solved, the upper part of the knee is more covered. If all problems in life could be solved this easily, LOL.
  4. Even if you have a correct fitting shin pad, when you bend your knees (as when blocking a shot), isn't there still a vulnerable spot at your upper knee area? If a puck hits there, it could cause some serious injury. I looked on Amazon and here are 3 knee pads that I'm currently trying out: 1) FLYWIND Protective Knee Pads for Men Women Work,Volleyball Knee Pad Thick Anti-Slip Kneepads Soft Dance Gardening Knee Pads for Kneeling,Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve 2) KneeMate Knee Pads for Garden, Suitable for Gardening, House Cleaning, Construction Work, Flooring Kneepads with Thick EVA Foam Padding, Comfortable Kneeling Cushion for Floors Cleaning Scrubbing 3) McGuire-Nicholas All Purpose Adjustable Soft Cushion Knee Pads So far I tried the first 2 and they seem fine. The 3rd one seems a little stiff but I'll be giving it a try. These are all general purpose knee pads, so I was wondering if there was a specific knee pad meant for hockey players to provide extra protection beneath their shin pads, but I'm guessing that there's no such thing.
  5. I think my shin pads are slightly too small, so when I bend my knees the upper half of my knees are exposed. I could imagine a hard shot or stick causing significant injury if it hits that spot. So I'm trying to wear knee pads beneath my shin pads for extra protection. I was considering to wear goalie knee pads but those look too big and bulky. Can anyone recommend any particular brand/model knee pads that would help accomplish this?
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