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  1. This was probably the most disappointing thing. I talked him into getting custom Trues, the overall boot for him was comfy and fit well except the boot length, they ended being too short for him, his toes were jammed.
  2. So, on the Bauer customs I got them measured by hand locally, my store didn’t have the scanning system at the time . A lot issues with those, depth issues, ( they put me in a nexus boot) way too wide. Bauer told me, I was put in the wrong boot. Didn’t hold anything against Bauer on those. About my friends true. He got them made in Minnesota last year, he needed a size 13. The original make ended up being too short for his foot. His toes were jammed, the 2nd attempt wasn’t much better. So, I’m a little gun shy about dropping another 1000 +, I was going to do Custom Trues this go around. But I heard they don’t do full customs now for the average customer.
  3. Hello, Been reading this boards for awhile, but first time signing up and posting. I’ve been searching for new skates for 3 + years. Little history, bigger guy that’s been wearing skates two sizes too big due to width issues and pain. It’s worked for me. Usually wear a 10 EE Bauer Supreme Started with Bauer Customs 3 years ago, didn’t work out at all. Way too big. Ended up getting scanned last year and getting the recommended 8.5 EE Bauer supremes pro S2 last year. Right before covid shutdown.... I ended up losing 50 pounds during shutdown and now My right skate feels great, but left skate is just too wide. Got scanned again, and yeah my left foot is now a E Tried the stable 26, bunga pads, you name it I’ve tried it, have tons of inserts, insoles and even figure skating insoles . Nothing seems to help. I’m still wearing my old over sized skates while 2000 dollars worth of skates just sits in my basement. My buddy got custom trues, a few months ago, they didn’t work out for him. So I’m a bit weary about those now. I’m not looking for a high pressure mold of a stock skate, I want a fully custom skate. I’m in Des Moines, Iowa. So my options aren’t great. I can drive to Minnesota no problem, is CCM the only full custom skate on the market now? What you recommend? Thank you and sorry for the long post
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