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  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I think I'll try the TF7 and get them baked and go half a size down, 30 days is easy enough. Stick9, Yea unfortunately tried different inserts too, but yes like you said, they don't fit!
  2. I have spent the last few days reading and searching all over this forum. I have come to the conclusion there is just too much data on all the new skates concerning fitment and sizing. I am currently in a CCM 9070 9D with VStep Steel and I hate it. Top arch pain along the eyelets (around 5 down) because my foot pours out the top, and the steel is too tall. Original steel cracked in two, I've adjusted but don't feel stable after an entire season still. Beer league here, 34 now, so I only play 1/2 times a week. The 9070s actually fit my foot very well (suction noise), they were baked twice, compression socks, UNTIL about 5 minutes into the first period where the pain along the eyelets is so bad, without shifts, I would die. I have tried all types of lacing, I basically tie nothing but the top 3 and it still puts enough pressure on the top of the arch to kill me. The foot scaler says I am a 9.5 with a D borderline E and probably higher arch than typical. My ankle is definitely medium anatomical. I'm probably a fit 3 if I had to guess, fit 2 on a vapor was pretty tight off the shelf, but again I can't tell until after 5-10minutes on the ice. I come from 15 year old CCM super tacks, no issues with them but they were shot. I don't want to spend more than $500 unless I really have to, so I am looking for suggestions on new skates from anyone with similar feet. Maybe Ribcor EE? I play D mostly, I value my speed. TIA! (nearest LHS is like 2 hours btw, the pro shop has a limited inventory locally)
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