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    Bauer 2x Pro
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    Bauer 2N pro return
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    Bauer 4 roll
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    Bauer 5500
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    Bauer Vapour X60 girdle with shell
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    Warrior Alpha QX
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    Warrior Alpha QX
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  1. Crazy.....so you do wear an intermediate skate then?
  2. Thanks. It's pretty wild how many options are out there now.....I certainly don't envy the brick and mortar LHS that has to stock so many different options....I'm sure it ends up being a ton of $ in inventory. It's funny, part of me wishes there wasn't so many options because then you wouldn't worry you've made the wrong decision, but then at the same time, it's good for actually finding something that closely matches what you need.
  3. Thanks, and I appreciate your input. Had my first skate on Saturday and the skates felt great......it was just a practice with my son's team so not a real test, but it has me stoked to wear them tomorrow night with my regular group of buddies actually playing at speed.
  4. Well, I went to my LHS and did the Bauer scanner (pretty cool) and the suggestion was for a fit 3. What's shocking is how much the sizing has changed....I'm actually a 7! WTF!? That is still bending my mind because I wear 9.5 US shoe size....it makes no sense to me, but I tried on different Bauer Supremes and CCM Tacks and the skates were snug, but my toes were juuuust at the toe box without lacing up....perfect. After trying on the Bauer's and CCM's I actually ended up with a pair of CCM ASV's. It was a tough decision becuase I have worn Bauers for over 30 years, but I had to go with the right fit and not just stick with brand loyalty.
  5. Dang....that would explain why they feel too narrow! Thanks for the reply, I'll try to find one of these Bauer scanners you speak of
  6. Looking for some help with a new pair of skates.... I've rocked a pair of Bauer 8090's for like the last 20 years (shocking, I literally just did the math)....I managed that by getting a pair, falling in love with them and then immediately buying a new pair to stick in my closet. Well, the time finally came to get new skates and I happened to snag a pair of Bauer 2x Pro's (made in Canada) that were the right size (8.5D) and I've worn them for a couple months now. I've determined that they aren't very comfortable after over 30 ice times and I don't know if it is coincidence, but I just had my first knee injury (a tweaked mcl) after playing hockey for close to 40 years......now part of me is wondering if the 2X pros are too stiff for my aging joints and my secondary question would be - does anyone have any idea which Bauer line and Fit would be closeest to those beautful old 8090's that fit my foot like a glove? Thanks in advance! PS - I may look like a newb here due to this being my "first post"....but I was actually registered on this forum waaaaay back in the day when David Perron used to post on here (maybe he still does?!)
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