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  1. Hoping to get some advice. I'm a roller hockey player and recently picked up ice again, which means picking up some new gear since some no longer fit after having my mini-me (skates and pants). I had some CCM tacks for recreational skating but was fitted for Bauer M4s recently (makes sense, I think I had Bauer 6000s or something like that back in the day and my foot has grown mostly lengthwise). Here's my issue I'm hoping to solve or get some tips on: Before having child, one foot was half a size bigger (pretty normal from my understanding). Well after having child, the larger foot grew a half size larger (*sigh) so now I have one foot a whole size larger than the other so of course the salesperson fit me for the larger foot and changed out the inserts for better support. The boot for the larger foot fits like a glove, but of course, I have negative space to fill in the boot for the smaller foot. So far, I've tried a thinner sock on the larger foot and a thicker sock on the smaller foot. The smaller foot definitely fits better, but it's not quite the goldilocks fit. Are there any other techniques I should try in regards to types of laces or lacing techniques? I imagine I can't be the only person with this issue. I'm thinking maybe I should use a waxed lace for the smaller foot or even changing up how I lace (outside in or maybe skipping an eyelet). Lately, I've been on the struggle but with lacing. I'm experiencing cramps in my calves so I'm sure I need to change up how I'm lacing up so I'm focused on skating and not on leg cramps. I appreciate any recommendations or suggestions!
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