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  1. SS and SB both are 10' radius stock profile. Nah, no mistake, both are sharpen at 11/16.
  2. I just bought new Step Steel (regular) blades and at the same hollow (11/16) they felt sharper than my previous SpeedBlade Black. Anyone has this experience ? Obviously, the SS is taller but this should not affect the hollow. I'm also aware that with taller blade, i can have more angle, thus more bite but what i'm talking about is lateral glide, I can easily glide sideways with SB vs SS. Anyways, i will probably try 3/4 but was just curious if anyone experienced this with their SS.
  3. Just felt strange...boot is way too stiff, slightly wobbly ankle, the same radius hollow blade seems way sharper than my APX2. Even though the fit is snug and does not hurt my feet, they felt big for some reasons, maybe it's the new toe cap.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, your descriptions is dead on, exactly how i felt. I will definitely check out the CCM FT4. Do you have the regular or the Pro version ? From what i read, the Pro is slightly stiffer.
  5. As a test, I swap the exact same steel blade (LS Pulse, radius 5/8'') that was on my old Vapor XPS2 and install them on my new Vapor 3X PRO. The edge sharpness feels very different, outer edge feels wayyyy sharper on the Vapor 3X PRO.
  6. My radius hollow is 5/8'' and to my surprise, the same blade (LS Pule, radius 5/8'') felt much sharper on my new Bauer Vapor 3X PRO vs my old Vapor XPS2. Is this normal ? Thx
  7. Hi all, I would like to replace my Bauer Vapor APX2. Had them for over 7 years and love everything about them. What would be the closest replacement in today's model ? Logically that should be the Vapor Hyperlite ....but recently, i bought a Vapor 3x PRO and hated them, they feel nothing like my old Vapor APX2. Are the Hyperlite and 3X PRO that much different from one another that would warrant me trying the Hyperlite out or i should look elsewhere now that i've tried the 3X PRO ? Thanks,
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