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  1. I am not using the skate with the reflex tendon much anymore. I def prefer a fixed tendon guard. Feels more natural for backwards skating and just a better feel overall feel to me completely. I am going to stick with my M4 Supremes in the Bauer Lineup. Nothing else fits as well or feels as good, I tried on everything. My only other skate is the Ribcore Titanium Skate based on the 76k with a few upgrades. Took 3 to 4 skates and love it almost as much as the M4.
  2. I think that's what happened. When I went in to bake them the 2nd time it was the same guy that always cut my skates 1/2 too sharp EVERY time. I mean how can they screw up oven temp? Its one setting per CCM skate. But I guess they did.
  3. The real reason I don't want to bake new skates anymore is when I baked my Ribcore Titanium skate the 2nd time there were 3 to 4 pin sized dots that formed on both sides of the skate after the 2nd bake. I don't think for me since I don't make money from playing hockey its worth any unnecessary blemish on my skates.
  4. First time yesterday skated with the Matrix and with Reflex Tendon Guard. I do find it more comfortable than the hard fixed tendon guard on my M4 but no performance difference. I somewhat like the fixed tendon guard better for backwards skating. That said the Matrix is without question comfortable and zero break in needed. I did not bake them in the store as I am not a fan of baking skates, rather just wear them around the house watching TV or light chores.
  5. This is what I noticed as well. Bought a few new skates lately and one was CCM Ribcore Titantium and the other is Supreme M4. The foward flex on the M4 is way way more flexible than the CCM, The M4 felt like I was skating in low top sneakers compared to the Ribcores. The CCM is a solid responsive skate but that tongue is simply too damm big for me.
  6. I will be back, there is nothing like it in WA state, with the USD/CAD conversion and sales they have its worth anyone's time.
  7. Yes. I got the Matrix as well. The ribcores feel vastly different. Heavier and bulky feeling but without question then more stable skate for fast forward to backwards transition like a defensemen would make. It requires more effort than any Supreme skate I have tried for side to side moves. The thing is a tank compared to the Matrix. Straight line power transfer is outstanding for the price.
  8. I can push the sides of the Matrix easier than the M4. Very soft boot at this price point.
  9. Went back to USA and to my local shop and tried on the Matrix. Felt better than the Ultrasonics and the Machs. So the shop matched Canada's price and did the USD/CAD conversion for me. The Matrix same size, fit 2 is wider in forefoot and toecap than Ultrasonics. The Mach just did not feel good to me at all. I am very happy with how the whole day ended.
  10. It did not work out. I just didn't like the fit of the fit 2 Ultrasonics vs my fit 2 M4. Not as comfortable and I also tried some Vapors the current year and prior. Just going to stick with the M4 and Ribcore Titanium skates. Thanks for your help guys.
  11. I wear a fit 2 M4. Will find out today as I am making the trip up. If not maybe get a old stock Vapor there. I ordered the Fit 2 ultrasonics
  12. I just paid for them. They won't ship to US. Hopefully the order will be full filled and not a in stock error cause I checked ebay and sideline swap and nothing came close that price. Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Intermediate Hockey Skates (thehockeyshop.com)
  13. Thanks, Thats a pretty good price right? Its 335 including tax when I convert CAD to USD but I have to drive 2.5 hrs to Langley BC to buy it. I live in Seattle. I don't need the skate I have new M4s. But the price, dang its hard to resist. Oh yeah, add 50 bucks gas.
  14. I have a chance to buy new Ultrasonics for about 335 dollars. How is the tendon guard holding up for you guys that have had it for a few years?
  15. Just picked up a Titanium by Ribcore on clearance. Its the one that was based on the 76k with the black tongue and added height in the steel that I don't see at all. I got it because it by far on of the best fitting skates I have ever tried on and wanting to get the new old stock ribcores out there in the stores. I will say thats its a heavy skate, much more hefty than my Supreme M4 that is in the same mid level performance level. CCM RIBCOR Titanium Senior Hockey Skates (2019) (thehockeyshop.com)
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