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  1. I wanted to try runners with a bigger radius for more stability together with the possibility to change back to ones with the standard profile. But checking the prices for new (I could not find used parts) Edge holders and runners including the cost for changing the holders this approach does not make sense as you already mentioned as the cost is equal to the price of a new pair of Bauer Supreme 3S Seniors... So did I understand correctly that the "Pro" holder is actually a downgrade from the non-pro Lightspeed versions? Then another alternative could be to change to a normal Lightspeed II holder and drill a hole in the heel to access the nut as these holders and runner are much less expensive. But even this would still be quite costly so I will have to rethink if this is worth it.
  2. Thanks for the answer, that does not sound so good. Apart from changing the holder together with the runner would it be possible to mount a Lightspeed Edge holder to be able to change the runner without special tools or are there better alternatives?
  3. I'd like to change the runner on my above mentioned skates against one I will order by mail order. To my knowledge the LS Pro II runner ist fastened by a screw with a flat and round head and a nut in the heel of the holder (please correct me if I'm wrong). I'v seen images of skates which have a removable cap below the heel to make it possible to change the runner without removing the holder. Is this also possible with my skates? After removing the insole i'm not sure how to proceed. Is there a simple way to access a removable cap?
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