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  1. 4WD is good for a lot of things other than just taking off hard at stoplights. A properly dialed in AWD car can be much more neutral than any FWD or RWD car. FWD's tend to understeer, RWD tends to oversteer. AWD just goes. WRX's and STi's have a tendency to understeer slightly from the factory, throw a thicker swaybar in the rear, lower it, and give it some more front camber and it makes the car much, much more neutral in the corners. Much easier to drive fast around a track than a FWD/RWD car.
  2. They have weak transmissions, nobody makes a kit for them, and you probably don't have the skills to fab one up yourself. Consider yourself talked out of it :P
  3. The new Fords are the weakest of all the new diesels. If you want a powerful ford go pick one up with the 7.3 turbo diesel, throw an exhaust and chip at it and have fun. Not a fan of the 6.4's. I had an F450 for a work truck for a while till one of the turbos blew. Then when I got it back the trans started slipping. They claim it'll tow 24,500 pounds, but it fucking SUCKED hauling 18-20K on long trips. No power in valleys, etc. I now have a ram 3500 mega cab with the 6.7. Good power, truck fucking blows. Don't get one unless you really, REALLY need to. It's rough, interior quality sucks, it's noisy, but it pulls a shit ton. I only like the mega cab because I recline the back seats, throw down some sleeping bags + blanket, and it's way better than sleeping in most of the camps.
  4. I'm making more money than you are, you take my old store and the first week you get a 300. Something is really wrong with this picture. Shouldn't you be cleaning the sharpener or something? Not being able to prioritize and making impulse purchases? I'm debating between a Lancer Evolution I or a Toyota Aristo for a car to drive every day, and I'm leaning towards the evo...
  5. I work with an engineer with full sleeves, neck tattoos, and hand tattoos. He's a damn brain, and always works in the field. Unfortunately he's gotta cover up when it comes time to sit down for meetings, I say he's the meanest looking person I know to wear makeup!
  6. If it's shop built, well documented, and actually makes 700 WHP I'd say in the 70-85K range depending on the body. A stock R33 GTR on great shape will sell for 55-65Kand you can go from there.
  7. Left hand turns are a bit akward in some spots. I try and hit the parts that have a turning arrow, low traffic, or are on the downslope of a hill so that you can see the traffic easily. Drive thrus are a no-no solo, but other than that no problems at all. If anything now I feel a bit akward getting into a LHD car, I always glance at the mirrors and want pedals + a wheel if I'm the passenger. I put 60 KM's a day on this, it's my daily driver, and even with the twin disc clutch and being RHD it's no problem. Don't let RHD scare you off from such an amazing car if you have the chance to get one.
  8. I don't mind the muffler. It's hard to make an inline-6 sound bad, and the tip isn't any bigger than the piping, so...
  9. Haha, tell me about it. I took a buddy of mine to pickup hockey last week in my GTR. Had to yank out the passenger seat to get his bag in there and he had to sit in the back behind me. I felt like a taxi driver GTRs are sweet. You have any pictures of yours? Took a few just before I ran off to pickup tonight. The seat is kinda dirty but suede just always looks dirty in pictures. Mods are pretty basic right now, Apex'i Intake pods, Apex'i GT-Spec 4" exhaust, SSR Professor wheels, Nismo front bumper, Nismo N1 headlights, Nismo steering wheel, Tein HA Coilovers, Tein A-arms, OS Giken twin plate clutch, and I pulled the boost restrictor.
  10. Haha, tell me about it. I took a buddy of mine to pickup hockey last week in my GTR. Had to yank out the passenger seat to get his bag in there and he had to sit in the back behind me. I felt like a taxi driver
  11. Don't even talk to me about parts being expensive for an Audi or VW. Ever tried to get a timing belt, brake pads, tie rod ends, bushings, fuel filters, or electronics shit for a car that was never sold in North America? Or even anywhere outside of Japan for that matter? The first time you hit boost and blow through the first 3 gears, it's alllllll worth it :D
  12. Might as well post this again :) Mods are Apex'I power intakes, Apex'I GT spec 4" exhaust, 17x8 SSR Professor wheels with Yokohama tires, a random turbo timer, N1 headlights, N1 front bumper, setrab oil cooler, OS Giken twin plate clutch. Has a blown front turbo so they're getting swapped out for GT2871R's and a big intercooler. It's going through it's OOP inspection as we speak, and I should pick it up later today or tomorrow at the latest :)
  13. Cool, how fast is it? I just got my comp license this summer, got a lot of seat time in my Uncles car, so far I've been upper 8's @ 154 on drag radials and it's a blast.
  14. Nice!!! Mine was white. Any mods? How do you like her? COBB catback + short ram, PDE downpipe, walbro 255hp, perrin ecbs, ECUtek ECU, triple pod of DEFI gauges, rota torque wheels with blizzaks for the winter I like it, the AWD is nice because I can still screw around and have some fun with it when it's cold out. I'm liking it more and more every day, I think it's gonna get a GT4088R and a FMIC come spring and I'll keep it around for a while. Just not fast enough as it sits.
  15. I planned to, but I needed a car to drive bad. I've been importing some cars on the side and making a lot of money off it, found this for a decent price and jumped all over it. I put down a 10K down payment and financed 26 over 60 months. I could have paid for almost all of it up front, but the money I have right now is invested and making nearly 9% a year, so it made sense to finance more and let my investments keep increasing. I don't know if I still want my GTR come spring, or if I want something nicer. I have a feeling I'm going to end up in a MKIV Supra or an 03/04 Corvette.
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