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  1. I've been skating on Vapor X7.0 skates for years now and I like them. They are completely spent however and I have to move on. I don't really want to spend € 500 on new skates so I'm looking at the x2.7's. Will this be a downgrade from my ancient skates or will I be alright? Does anybody know if the size will be the same?
  2. Thanks a lot. I've read that you should be able to skates without laces and your ankles should be able to compensate for loose skates, but I never got that far. I like my heel to be very tight in the skate up to my ankle bone. I always leave the upper eyelets open for a little more motion up top since I tighten my skates very tight. So the softness in the heel area doesn't sound too great to me, and confirmsv what I thought when wearing a vapor on one foot and the Jetspeed on the other at the same time. However, you didn't like it, but I think I would like the inside edge you talk about. When I talk about loose skates, my biggest issue is that I have the feeling I'll "tip over" when I go hard into a corner/boards. This is slightly exaggerated since I do well on the ice, but if I can get even more confident in those situations because of the inside edge I'd really like that.
  3. Thanks. This sounds pretty good. I'd like more room in the front.
  4. Thanks! I didn't know that the vapor line wouldn't be refreshed, good info. I kind of leaned towards keeping the old skates until they went on sale, but I don't think I'll get another season out of the runners, so I'd have to get new ones if I did that. I'll try the Jetspeeds on again. Would the feeling be very different from the vapors on the ice?
  5. It's that time of year again, I'm looking for skates and that's not something I enjoy. This ended up being a pretty long read so I hope someone endures it and can help me. We don't have many hockey shops here and definitely not many that have skates in stock in my size so I can go there and fit a bunch of skates. I wear size 11.5D skates, am 1.90m tall, and weigh 95kg. I think I have pretty slim feet for my size, especially my heels. I play two or three times a week. My last three pairs of skates have been vapors. My last a pair of skates, Vapor X90's I got on sale 2 years ago for €160. And before that I had a pair of X7.0's. The 7's were pretty snug (toes against the toecap) and I always thought I bought them a size too small (11.5D). After a couple of years the blades were worn out, so when I found the X7.0 in 12D for a fantastic price I was very happy and ordered them. They felt great fitting them at home, but on the ice I missed the snug fit of the previous pair of skates. Also the blade got longer with the half size difference and I didn't really like that. On the other hand, I had more steel again and the fresh factory "profile" felt better than the worn out steel on the 7's so I adapted with some very thick socks and skated in them for two years. Now one steel broke and I had to choose between buying a new pair or replacing the steel. I decided to replace the steel. Meanwhile I picked up my old vapors and since the steel for the X90's wasn't in stock I skated in them for a couple of practices. I immediately noticed that, while the steel was still shit, I skated pretty well in these. After three weeks I got the runners for the X90's, put them on and after skating knew they just weren't the skates for me, they are too big. I feel unstable and a little wobbly. Previously, while deciding between buying new steel or new skates I found a pair of ccm Jetspeeds in 11D and 11.5D on sale for €280. I read somewhere online that someone was very pleased with them coming from vapors. So I decided to order both sizes, fit, and return the skates with the wrong size. They fit very good and I almost got them sharpened but I find it so hard to decide, sitting at home, without comparing, that I decided to order some other skates since I had too make a return shipment within sixty days anyway. I got two pairs of Bauer's supreme s190 for €330 and two pairs of ccm tacks 6092 for €235. I don't like the Tacks, they feel clunky on my feet, and I think they are just a bad match. The Supremes felt pretty good. Less comfortable than the Jetspeeds, but a lot stiffer, which I like (I think). They are just a little "roomy". Meanwhile the heel lock still feels pretty good. The toebox and front of the skate feels better than the vapors. The side of my feet were always cramped in there. Conclusion and questions.. I could keep the old pair of vapor x7.0 and get new steel for them. But that steel is not really up to date anymore (does this really matter?) And I think I don't want to do that because while they feel pretty good, I think they are a little soft and don't support my feet really well. I could wait for last year's Vapors going on sale at monkeyssports.eu I think they are still too expensive now. Do you guys think they will go on sale before the season starts? I could keep the Jetspeeds. Did someone here go from vapors to jetspeeds? Or does anyone else have an opinion about these skates? I almost think they are too comfortable, and maybe they are a little soft? I could keep the Supremes. They feel pretty good and sturdy, but I think I would need the thick socks again for the volume. Thanks for reading this. Any help or advice is appreciated.
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