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  1. Thanks everyone. I think I might prefer the style of the Warrior, True or Tackla versus the wrap style of the CCM. Anyone have any experience with the True?
  2. I am looking to see if someone can help me out with some questions regarding girdles. First off, I am a female who is coming from a Bauer women's supreme pant in size large. Everything about these pants fit fine however its time for them to be replaced. Given the lack of good options for women's pants with Bauer now, I am exploring the option of purchasing a girdle instead of traditional pants. Does anyone here have any recommendations for a girdle? Is the sizing mainly about height? Unfortunately I don't have a local shop close to me where I can try one on.
  3. I am in the market for a new stick. I am currently using a Bauer APX2 Intermediate P88 that I do like but would like to upgrade to something newer and higher end. I would like to either stay within the Bauer line or move to something similar in the CCM or True line. I have never used anything but Bauer so I am not sure where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. I am currently looking at purchasing either the re-akt or the re-akt 100 helmet. Do you guys feel the re-akt 100 is worth the extra money over the original re-akt? I have tried both helmets on and they fit equally well. For those of you that have the original re-akt, has there been any durability issues?
  5. Thanks. He is actually the person that recommended the CCM Tacks.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. At this time I am going to try a CCM Tacks intermediate stick in 60 flex and see how that goes.
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. To answer a few questions..My budget would be under $200. I am normally a forward but do play defense on occasion. I do feel like I am not able to effectively flex the stick which may be why I am not getting the speed I want on my wrist shots. As far as cutting the stick goes, I have been using intermediate sticks (67 flex) and not cutting anything off.
  8. I've been shopping for a new stick and I'm not the most knowledgable on gear. I am currently using a Vapor X6.0 stick in 67 flex (I'm 5'4 - female). I am not getting the velocity I want on my shots (accuracy is fine) and was thinking about trying out the Nexus line hoping that the different flex profile might help. Does anyone have any suggestions on what Nexus stick I should think about trying? I am also wondering if going down to 60 flex in the Vapor line might also help. Suggestions? Thanks
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