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  1. I've had custom True skates since Jan of 2018, and I'm starting to notice the right skate isn't as snug, and feels loose. It has a sloppy feel to it, and doesn't matter how tight I tie the skates, it also feels loose. Have others experienced this with their skates when hitting a 2+ or 3+ year mark of use? I get a good amount of hours on my skates weekly, so I'm wondering if it is simply the padding wearing down, as the bottom liner is rubbing out also in the heel area from movement probably. Is it possible to have the skate(s) rebaked in hopes of it molding to my foot a little tighter? Or is it simply a sign of skates being 3 years old, with a lot of miles on them. Outside of this, no major issues, no pain or discomfort. Curious how others have held up in the durability department.
  2. Yes I have noticed it when I start to sweat a lot, or sometimes I am reffing multiple games in a row. Usually a little tighten of the skate helps. But I will certainly look into going to the hockey shop to reheat and use a clamp to get a tighter fit.
  3. Anyone run into heating up their True skates a second time? My right skate feels like it could be tighter in the heel. Feel like after some time on the ice my foot feels like there is movement. Going to try and have it heated again, and have them squeeze the heel a little to tighten it. Just curious if anyone else ran into similar occurrence.
  4. The superfeet are working well, so thats what I'm going with currently. It's a weird feeling in my leg. It's like as if you sat down and put your ankle on it's side, the outside and stretched that muscle/ligament on the outside. After one period it tends to go away, but the superfeet feels good. I used the superfeet in my previous skates as well, as I felt I had pressure on the balls of my feet.
  5. I just recently put my superfeet insoles into my True skates. I was getting some discomfort in my left foot/leg on the outside muscle. As if I had more pressure on the outside of my left foot. Wore the superfeet last night, and felt much better. Not sure the reason for this, but I do have a metal plate in my left ankle from a broken ankle many years ago, so could of just been some muscle discomfort.
  6. So after reffing last night, I realized it is the tendon guards flexing when I walk that is the squeaking noise. Glad it's not the light speed edge holders
  7. I have LS3 steel on my holders. I didn't feel any wiggle, but the sound could just be from the holder. No rivets lose or anything like that. Maybe it's tendon guard as Larry54 mentioned. Will have to investigate some more. However haven't had any on ice issues.
  8. I had them put on Tuuk Lightspeed holders. Seemed to be only the right skate at first, but noticed it some today with the left.
  9. Noticed when walking in the skates, from and to the ice a creaking noise almost. Anyone else experience this?
  10. Very nice, how do you like the black step steel? I've thought of picking up the black or chrome finish, but haven't done enough research.
  11. So just a quick review after skating on my True skates (lightspeed edge holders) last night for the first time. I am a referee skating several times a week at the college and junior level primarily. I skated a prep school game, and a high school game last night. First game they certainly felt different than my Bauer Nexus 7000 VCut pro stock skates. I felt like I was on the ball of my feet a little more, or they didn't seem as flat. So there was a slight adjustment there, and it almost felt like I was using some muscles I normally didn't use. Second game, felt much better and very comfortable. The skates seemed to be very reactive to turns, push off strides and stops. Felt like I was generating more power directly than losing any power through the stride. Overall the skates felt really good, and very happy with them so far. Can be difficult to put on at first, but it's a learning process. No blisters, or pain anywhere, just an adjustment that I've slowly made. Skating 2 more college games this weekend which will be a good test for them. Will further update after this weekend.
  12. So I picked up my new True skates today from the dealer. Looked over the skates and they looked good, few spots here and there with a little extra glue, but nothing major or impacting. Carbon fiber looked good all around, no issues there. I usually wear a size 9 skate, so thats roughly where I'm at with them. The laces in them were an 84, so luckily I checked this out prior to heating them or anything as they would never have fit. Swapped out the laces, got them heated and molded them. Skates felt great on my feet, good comfort level, no pain issues and fit really good. Was able to stop at public skating today for a quick 15 min twirl on them. Wasn't crazy about the edge, could of been a little sharper. Outside that skates felt really good, just a matter of getting use to them. The skates have Tuuk holders on them, and I felt like I was on my toes a little more, but probably just an adjustment for me. First skate out of the box that felt like I could just go without a break in period. I am coming from a pair of Nexus 7000 Pro Stock V Cut model. Some people noted they received a letter in their box, I didn't have anything other than the bag they came in within the box. Will have my first skate on them Wed evening as I'm reffing two games that evening.
  13. Received confirmation yesterday that my skates have arrived. Hoping to get to the shop on Monday. Will keep everyone updated of the process.
  14. Contacted True regarding my order, said they shipped my skates on 1/23/18. So hopefully they arrive at local shop soon with no issues, and get them fitted finally.
  15. I contacted True twice with my information, date of scan, and retailer where it occurred. Both times, they told me to contact the authorized retailer. So if they would of looked into their system, they would of said, "Hey we don't have an order for Buddy" therefore I could of looked into it sooner. I did contact the retailer, and they were slow to respond. Now were they slow because they didn't send the scan, and True was then closed for holiday break? The scan wasn't sent in until I contacted them a third time for an update in which I was given that response. Retailer is usually good about contacting customers, so I think they dropped the ball, had the holiday break at True and didn't want to tell me about it until they actually got it sent in.
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