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  1. Interesting,,,, But I think current trend is All 80m wheel setup.
  2. Currently roller ribcore is not isseued. So You need to go jetspeed or tacks or rbz. But newer ccm model is big changed for chassis.
  3. Im wearing rbk 11k skates 7.5e Alkali skates size 8d is perfeect for me.....
  4. Thanks for your advice. I will followed your advice and give it a shot .. Anyway i was big fan of Mission before bauer bought. Last night i were max+. I noticed mission is back with evolution. I really like new toecap and inner fitting feelings.
  5. Dear justinI am hesitating to fix this. Some reason... Brand new product and i dont trust LHS.... Do you think it is serious or acceptable ? If you were i what you do? Please check my photo and advice.
  6. Rpd max + has chassis mouting issue. I think left skate chassis is mismounted http://me2.do/IMeO73Wg http://me2.do/GPVq59tK Please advice 1. Contact alkali but The skates is not in USA.... 2. Ignore mounting issue. Just skating 3. Go to local hockey shop..repair.but need 20 dollar
  7. Dear , I have same issue, my rpd max+ chassis is mismounted 2~3mm mismatched, how to resolved?
  8. could you advise to choose skates? i received RPD shft , i found chassis is mismounted on Boots and i will return it. But Now HM dosen't have stock for RPD SHIFT 8size. so I may choose another model(RPD MAX, RPD SHIFT+...)
  9. wow... game changer.. could you share your experience?
  10. please advice to choose model? i'm curios about movement new chassis. but ca9 rpd had magnesium chassis and top line model. which one is best? Alkali RPD Shift Sr. Inline Hockey Skates Regular Price: $479.99 Clearance Price: 299. Alkali CA9 RPD Sr. Inline Hockey Skates Regular Price: $719.99 Clearance Price:329
  11. Could you help to choose size I will go to rpd shift or ca9 rpd or rpd. could recommend model around 300$ and I was wearing 7.5e with ccm u12 cl and old mission(typem and assasin) was 8.5e. which size proper for me?
  12. Following sprung-mouting instruction, they move middle of center toward 1/4" inch, do you know why? i can't understand. please advise. ---------sprung mouting instruction-------------- 1) Find something that shows up on the sole and mark the center of the toe and heel on the sole. Check the boot and sole to best find the center spots. 2) Draw a line from the toe spot to the heel spot. 3) Find the center of the line on the sole between the end edges of the sole and mark it. 4) Measure 1/4" toward the heel from the center point and mark this point with a line across the sole at 90 degrees to the center line. 5) Align the frame with the center of the toe mount and heel mount on the center line, and the horizontal cross member in the center of the frame lined up with the horizontal line on the sole (# 4). 6 Drill the holes through the frame (you can drill inward a little to avoid hitting the frame with the drill, and they will mount easier because of the slight angle). Or mark the mount holes through the frame and drill with the frame removed. 7) ENJOY
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