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  1. Post the pic after the mod(JR) told you the pic is not to be shown, is asking to be banned or warned. I love how two guys with 50 posts combined are talking smack to a MOD and Senior member. Sounds scary!!! Theres no smack talking going on. Does it matter how many post i put up or anyone else. I dont revolve my life around this site like other people. JR did not tell me not to put it up. He said it wont be seen!! Its getting out either way. People have emailed me about it and if it dont go up here it will be up somewhere else. You nerds are so concerend about bauer as if you own stock in them and your going get in trouble or fired. LOL, you guys dont sound like hockey players you sound like a bunch of cheerleaders
  2. But you said there is no pic i repeat no pic. lol X ray or not you can see what the skate basicly looks like which is better than nothing. Once i figure out how to post a pic on here ill put them up so people can take a look...
  3. For you Knuckleheads that keep saying theres no pics I got them of the X60, X50, X20, X15, X05!!! I missed the X40 sorry. Pics arent that great and not in color but you can get a good idea of what they all look like. I dont know how to post them though.
  4. Were getting off the point. All im saying is if I get some pics Im not letting bauer determine what i do with them.
  5. Its bad enough they got the balls to charge us 600.00 for skates and 190.00 for a stick. And now you want them to hype up the junk they make and we all want. How come were always the unfortunate ones?? They should be sending me and everyone else who spent a small fortune on there hockey equipment a catalogue on whats coming out before the pros every get to try it. IMO
  6. I think you guys are confused!!!! I saw the 09 catalogue with all the NEW vapor models. Pics were big and plan as day. I did'nt think it was like a CIA TOP SECRET DOCUMENT for christ sakes so I put the post up. Now im getting emails from people like I could get in trouble!!!! HA HA!!!! If I get pics then im sharing them. If not here then somewhere else. Fuck bauer and there gay release dates of sticks that are already in the shops and skates that are coming out!!! This is hockey Equipment not firearms.
  7. To go back a couple of posts the X 60 looks very similar to the xxxx, a different design in the boot but along the same lines. Again it was'nt in color but it did'nt look like they were going to black color. There didnt look to be a big difference to the xxxx "IMO" just like from xxx to xxxx. I saw a new tendon gaurd design and new footbed. I didnt read all the info in the cataloge though. Ill take a look at the cataloge again and Ill get some pics and info about them to update everyone.
  8. Next time i see the cataloge i will try and take a pic. The pictures are good but again not in color.
  9. Yes the new bauer vapor line with no swoosh.. I saw the catalogue but nothing was in color im sure someone here who works at a shop can post a pic..
  10. Yes but the 50 is not the top of the line. Correct?? The 50 is more like the 25??
  11. I saw the 2009 bauer cataloge and the new top of the line Vapors are being called X 60??? What Happened to 50??? The pics were not in color, anyone got info or pics on the new model?
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