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  • Skates
    Graf 707
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    Easton/ST and S19
  • Gloves
    Sher-wood/9500 Pro X
  • Helmet
    Itech/EPP Fusion
  • Pants
    Graf G500
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer SBD II
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  • Shin Pads
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    CCM Backpack

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    NW Montana
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    Other than hockey? Backcountry skiing, diving, fly fishing.
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  1. Those look like some nice pants to me. Maybe she’ll get some option for her BD. I don’t have much room to be critical of having a couple pairs of options... Thanks for the link!
  2. +1 to unrealistic sizing! Tabitha isn’t small (5’ 9”), but is quite fit, and the women’s XL X80s are a squeeze to get on. Padded shorts weren’t an option for that reason. Compared to my G500 Grafs, the protection seems pretty flimsy for top-end gear.
  3. I just found a pair of Bauer T1 NXG in her size, and they’re on the way for her birthday. Thanks much for all the excellent input! Chris
  4. That was my instinct, but I couldn’t find any women’s pro stock breezes on-line...
  5. Greetings squad, My wife has been playing for a few years now, and prefers the coed league over playing women’s league, but this means that she gets stood up and lands on her butt a bit more, and her Bauer x80s don’t have enough padding back there to keep her from getting some deep bruises on her posterior hip. She’s tried a couple of mine, but the fit isn’t great. Does anyone have a recommendation for women’s breezers with more padding in back? Thanks! Chris
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