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  1. Ok so I haven't fallen in love with the way the 9k girdle is fitting for me. My problem is my waist size (38) means I need an xl but then they are for meant for someone a bit taller than my 30 inseam so...does anyone know any pants that run a on the shorter side for an xl? Pro stock or retail, new or used is fine. From what i've read CCM's run shorter but does anyone know which ones to look for? Thanks so much!
  2. Hi all, Maybe a long shot but does anyone have any knowledge of the fit difference between the Reebok 9K and 20K skate? I recently got back into skating and actually just joined a league but to start I picked up some well used 9K’s for cheap just to see if I would stick with it. Well I’m loving it and have no problem with the 9K’s other than they are starting to break down where some stitching was coming out. I have found a used pair of 20K’s in the same size and if they fit the same I might go ahead and snag them for the future. So if anybody has any thoughts I would appreciate it! thanks! Jacob
  3. So a quick update. They arrived last Friday and I have been able to get out in them twice. They are a huge upgrade over my way old pants, they did seem bulky at first but I think that is due to the lack of padding in the old pants. They are sung on me (I'm on the big side so I was expecting this) but not horrible. They came brand new with tags and for 49.99 they were an incredible value!
  4. Thanks all, went ahead and pulled the trigger so should be here next week! Will update once I get them, can’t wait!
  5. My thoughts as well but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. The price seems almost to good based on other places I’ve seen them.
  6. Hi all, I'm in the market for a girdle and have been eyeing the CCM 7092 but my local distributor said that CCM is out of stock in an XL. Last night I ran across this Reebok PG9K Girdle at ProStockHockey.com for what seems to be a great price...any reason not to pull the trigger on this? https://www.prostockhockey.com/player-protective/shells/size-xl-reebok-pg9k-girdle-team-stock/ I can still find the 7092 online but for almost double the price of the 9k even after having to buy a shell. So I guess my question is, is the 9k outdated at this point vs the 7092/super tacks? Sorry for being long winded...I am just now picking up the sport, at an much advance age of 40! thanks! Jacob
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