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  1. Just got these Bauer X100 LE Limited edition Ice skates for this years Inline conversion 2014. Using a Reebok green Chassis to keep the Green/Black theme. Enjoy. L.Taiapa#16 - New Zealand
  2. They feel weird because i havent got the right wheel configuration on them. atm i have all 76mm sized wheels on but i know this is wrong because it feels stupid lol. the skates go off outwards instead of straight when rolling. Does anyone know what the right wheel configuration is for v-forms?
  3. fatwabbit ill look into that thanks! i have been stalking the net for a riveting machine but they are expensive, rivet master is a company in canada that sells them for roughly $600us not including the shipping which would be crazy to NZ..... Hey Kanya that collection looks sick! heres my full Nike collection: and my most recent add to the Vintage collection! :)
  4. Ok, ive been a stalker of this post for ages and finally decided to put some of my personal collection up. Im more of a vintage collector..... Ive had to use nuts & bolts for some of my skates because here in New Zealand we only have a couple of riveting machines in the country and i live 8 hours away from the nearest one lol. They look stupid but its the easiest way to mount the chassis on without the hassel of posting them off. I should have taken photos of them when i first did them, now they look rugged lol. my bad. Graf 501 Ice boot - Mission Boss Black Chassis (2010) Mission Amp 8 Ice boot - Mission D2 Chassis (2003) Nike Zoom Air white boot - Tuuk Gold Chassis (My Dream Skate combo growing up as a kid) Nike Zoom Air black boot - Reebok 8K pump Chassis Mission Amp Flyweight boot - Mission Wicked-Light Chassis (My second pair of skates i wanted ish as a kid) what you guys think?
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