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  1. I personally have mixed feelings about switching the chassis. I have been meaning to write an in-depth review but I'm still forming my opinion. My balance on the Vanguard with these skates just feels a little off. I cant tell yet if it's all in my head, or if its because the skates have neither been baked or fully broken in yet (baking is happening over the holiday break), or if it's simply an adjustment period coming from a Bauer boot. In my very short test skate before switching the frame I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of it, I was just very hesitant to make the switch. One thing I can say is that this boot is by far the most comfortable thing I've ever worn, I feel like it's made for my feet and I cant wait to bake them to see if the hype about the heat molding in these skates is true.
  2. I've told this guy ten times to just buy them online! sheesh!
  3. Extremely impressed after my first skate with the CA7, they are more comfortable than my twice-baked (and broken in) RX60's and I haven't even put them in the oven yet! I will post more thoughts after my tournament this weekend.
  4. I posted in my local league facebook page looking for people selling the MG Vanguard or the Hummer 9000. If I don't get any bites I will have to order a new one online. I only buy skates once every few years and I like for them to be perfect (at least for a while).
  5. Here is a picture of one of the frames, I tried to show what I was talking about the best I could. [Edit] The more I sit here and let this sink in, the more upset I'm getting. These had normal cosmetic wear and a chip here and there in the normal spots. But they took a used $140 frame and really mangled it. Part of me is still hoping these will be fine because I want to skate on them this weekend, but if I am risking my new boot in any way/shape/form I will strongly consider placing an order for a new set of frames.
  6. On the topic of frames and repair, I just got back from Perani's after getting my frame (Bauer MG) taken off my old skates. and two (one on each skate) of the rivet holes are a little chewed up and one of them has a crack all the way through the metal at the thinnest part. Based on that description do you guys think that they are ruined? or am I just being a perfectionist and need to relax?
  7. Justin, any last minute objections to mounting an 80-80-76-76 frame to your CA7 boot? My uneducated mind is telling me to ask about the aggressive pitch, the shape of the outsole, exc. if I am going to have any glaring issues with the result I want to be careful about voiding my warranty.
  8. I skated for Bronze with the High5's so we probably didn't talk much during the tourney. But let us know which you pick. The great deals on the Tour skates had me tossing back and fourth also, but in the end I decided to go with the CA7 and cant wait for them to come next Thursday. If there is a problem with the EX-1 please enlighten us, my cousin bought those while they were on sale and I want him to be making the best decision for his needs.
  9. I was lucky enough to see them there too, what division were you in frisbee?
  10. I look forward to trying them on and seeing how they fit, the narrow heel and wider forefoot actually might fit me better, but we will see. I am somewhat curious how the aggressive pitch will be affected by putting a Vanguard on them. [Edit] Spelling mistake
  11. I don't speak for Justin, but when I asked him that before making my pre-order he advised me to go with an 8.0 skate for my 9.5 shoe size. That happens to be the same as my Bauer RX60's. Hope that helps.
  12. +1 for Justin's excellent customer service, ordered the CA7's today with his help!
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