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  1. I'm looking for arch support but otherwise a pretty plain/stiff insole to stay responsive. The mushy heel on the CCM worries me and the superfeet yellow's feel like they lift me up and out of the heel pocket sweet spot in my RBZ's. Anything that just does a good job supporting the arch?
  2. Went with the 90's and finally got out on the ice with them- great skate. I'm going to like these for sure. Not to be a brand honk, but are the insoles worth checking out? I threw my superfeet's in for my first skate and kind of felt like they were lifting my heel up and out of the pocket unnecessarily. I've really only used the superfeet for the arch support I feel I get. My understanding is the CCM insoles are not heel aligning like the superfeet, but instead just arch supporting. Anyone have any experience?
  3. 6 feet, 215; play twice a week at best these days but at least once for sure. I'd be looking to get a least a couple of years out of a pair skates, and hopefully more. I'd say I'm a decent skater- Currently using some Vapor XXXX's for the last year that I was able to steal on ebay practically brand new. The stiffness is good on those but the imperfect fit is what has got me looking.
  4. Thanks for the info. Regarding durability- most of what I've read on here was about stitching and eyelets on the flagship, but in your experience how was the durability on the 90's been? Anyone complaining?
  5. I've had my eye on the RBZ's as they have been on sale and after checking them out at a local shop I'm even more interested. 8D feels like it would be perfect after baking. The available sizes allowed me the opportunity to try on the 90's, but not the 80's. Just going by squeezing it seemed as though the 90's were ever so slightly more stiff all around, but other than the obvious exterior material difference (golf ball v. composite), the differences look minor. I am wondering what the practical difference would be between them- anybody have experience with one or both of these with some insight which might sway one way or the other?
  6. Do the Makos have the same/consistent fit throughout the line?
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I'll try and locate some Mako's to try on. Since I know where I can check out some CCM's, is it worth it to look at the Tacks or is the fit similar depth wise to the Supreme's? It certainly looks like they are marketing it that way.
  8. So like many I have long been accustomed to a skate fit that is less than ideal. Despite my heel not being great for them, the forefoot being tight, and not having enough volume- I would always jump into Vapors a half size too big to offset the width and volume issues. I tried Total One's for a bit and they were a great fit in the heel and width wise (Supreme 8.5 D instead of Vapor 9D), but the volume was an issue. I prefer superfeet to help support my high arch and with those in there I felt like a loaf of bread and my ankle bones would be right up on the eyelets causing some gnarly soreness. This has lead me to believe that I may be a Nexus candidate. I was able to try a few sizes to guage the fit of the Nexus line and can already tell the top of the line ones (1000 or 8000) would not feel nice. The different fit of the lower model did feel like it could work if I fount it in my size. With that being said, I'm kind of at a loss for how this applies outside of the Bauer brand. I see RBZ's are being pushed on clearance and I have read plenty of threads where people were looking towards the Nexus line and had RBZ's on their list. Is it worth me trying to find some RBZ's to try? Can anyone recommend a skate outside of the Bauer line that might fit the bill here? Doesn't need to be top of the line.
  9. I had some luck chiseling but be warned it was a giant pain. By the time I finished I had to cut the bottom shaft a littler higher than the original connection because it had gotten chewed up from all the chiseling. Some blades fit fine nonetheless and some just needed a little tape.
  10. Anyone who has used the QR4 and the comparable Vapor models (x700 or x80 previously) who can comment on the blade feel? Interested in the QR4 but curious how it compares to the Aero Foam 3 blade in the Bauer's as far as feel. Have an x80 that has been a pretty decent all around stick.
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