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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm back to skating after A LOT of years. I bought myself some Bauer Vapor 2.7 in Sweden (I'm from Patagonia Argentina). I have two rinks in the small town I live, but no hockey shop. Thing is, in Sweden they offered to bake them; but after doing an awful service on sharpening (I had them sharpened twice, they mauled my blades and couldn't do a hollow either), I had them reserviced in Frankfurt with no problems. Skates feel comfortable enough without baking them (and I've only used them twice), but I do notice that the skate in itself seems to really need baking (mostly for tying the upper eyelets). HERE'S MY BIG QUESTION: (and I could really appreciate advice from people who's had or knows someone with the same exact model). I've watched several videos on how to bake at home. But the thing is, the boot having many cosmetic details on shiny plastified black 'leather' and the parts that are 'chrome' coloured. Am I gonna mess those up? I would bake them on a towel or a tea towel, so they don't come in contact with any metal part of the oven, but my fear is that, softening the boot in order to be moulded, these cosmetic parts become damaged or changed in any way. Mostly because since I live 15000kms away from any hockey store, I have to take a 13 hour flight to Germany or Sweden to buy my skates. Imagine I would like these skates to last as much as possible, and also to stay as pretty as they are already! Thanks for any input!
  2. Okay, I've searched for the answer (or at least some good opinions) on this for months and have come up empty. I typically bake my new skates 2-3 times and then break them in by skating. I skate 5-7 times a week. (I go through a pair of skates every year/year 1/2). But the first 5-6 times on the new skates are horrible due to the stiffness and my horrid Fred Flintstone feet. Once I break them in, of course, they're great. My question.. Would I be able to break down the skate completely by baking them say 10-15 times? I don't care about premature death of the skate. I already go through a pair every 12-16 months anyway and if they made something that fit me like a pair of skates that were 6-months broken in already, but said "this skate only lasts you a week" I'd buy a new pair of skates every single week. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist so I'm trying to figure out some new trick that would let me break down the materials and stiffness so it felt like a well-worn already pliable instead of having to suffer through uncomfortable skating for weeks. Any thoughts/Ideas? Thanks!
  3. was wondering if its an issue to bake a skate more than once. i baked my skates when i first got them, but want to give them another bake to work out a few spots. thanks for the help
  4. Hey hey.. So i just picked up a pair of alkali RPD Shiftys and was wondering if anyone had any experience Baking these at home? Unfortunately I cannot find a skate shop near me that has a bake oven, So im forced to do it DIY style.... I watched the video alkali made where they use their proper oven. I just wanted to know if their is anything i should be careful of using a normal conventional oven. Just paranoid I will damage the skate or wheels. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.!
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