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Found 11 results

  1. PLEASE HELP!! I haven’t played hockey for about 10 years and I recently joined a league and want to use the same blade/curve that I previously had. After months and months of searching I’m starting to think this is the one thing the internet can’t help me with. BLADE/PATTERN DETAILS - •CCM VECTOR (brand) .... .... .... .. .... .... ..•FISCHER (Player Name) (Pattern) Anybody know the specs? Or the lineage of the pattern to what it is now? I JUST NEED A PICTURE OF THE CURVE! Or a way to buy it.. the exact one or an exact clone or as close to it as possible. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks for reading
  2. PLEASE HELP!! I haven’t played hockey for about 10 years and I recently joined a league and want to use the same blade/curve that I previously had. After months and months of searching I’m starting to think this is the one thing the internet can’t help me with. BLADE/PATTERN DETAILS - •CCM VECTOR (brand) .... .... .... .. .... .... ..•FISCHER (Player Name) (Pattern) I think it’s Jiri Fischer from the Red Wings back in the day.. and I think the fact that his last name is spelled the same way as the actual “Fischer” company has added to the difficulty of finding it online. I JUST NEED A PICTURE OF THE CURVE! Or a way to buy it.. the exact one or an exact clone or as close to it as possible. PLEASE HELP!! I know I haven’t played in forever.. but I’m playing like absolute garbage. I expected my stamina to be terrible and some other things needing getting reaclimated to.. but this has been pathetic. And for someone who’s wrist and snap shot is what made me a threat on the rink.. this is just sad lol. Lastly, I’ve read other forums and topics on here and found some where they mention similar info.. but nothing concrete, no pictures.. and no way to achieve my goal in getting the blade or clone of it somehow. Email me if you like.. any help would be greatly appreciated. shadmurda@gmail.com Thanks for reading
  3. I saw some older threads that have been archived so I wanted to ask you all again: what's the straightest blade you can get today? Is it still Crosby? I did see Iginla's curve from a few years ago was pretty straight, but those are harder to find retail. I've been using a Bauer PM9 mostly, but is there anything straighter than that?
  4. I've been searching and searching for a cheap Warrior stick to try, and I had settled on the Lupul pattern because it is the most similar to the PM9 Stamkos/Malkin Bauer pattern, which is what I've been using for years. Yesterday I went shopping and one of the sales reps pointed me to the Granlund pattern, saying that it was actually a little straighter and sounded like it would suit my Lie needs as well because I skate more upright. Does anyone have any experience using these two blades? Anyone smarter out there than me that can confirm whether or not the Granlund pattern has replaced the Lupul? Thanks as always.
  5. Hey guys for a few years now ive been looking for an Easton S19 stick (left). I broke my last one back in high school and havent been able to find one since.I currently use a Easton V9E which is supposed to be an equivalent and it just doesnt have the same feel. Anyone who might no where I can could find one or a few in the US let me know, this was the best stick i ever used
  6. Hi everyone, Does someone has an information about blade hollow polishing for the best glide? I have found this patent: "Ice-skate blade polishing method and means CA 1159484 A1" There is disclosed an ice-skate blade in which the portion of the ice-engaging surface of the blade which is inter-mediate the sharpened side edges of the blade, is polished to a mirror-finish, in order to decrease the friction between the blade and the ice. To polish this intermediate surface with conventional polishing compounds, a felt disc is used. It's sounds pretty much like a nice idea. Where I can try this? Can anyone comment on this? Kind regardsMr Trololo
  7. I play roller hockey in the spring for fun after ice hockey is over. And I was wondering if the tiles wear down a stick's blade? It may sound stupid but I don't use my normal stick and I want to start and help would be great! (blade is usually fully taped. Or far heel is left untaped)
  8. hey i just bought a one 95 off from ebay and i put a warrior ak27 blade in it it has some sort of line all the way down the back of the shaft ending where the blade tenon inside the shaft ends idk if the blade is too big i hade to put tape on it to make t fit when i flrx it i hear a little crack noise please help me figure out whats wrong will plost pics if needed
  9. I am looking for some advice from people who use what used to be easton's drury, or similar curves, an have experience with the various clones and variations. I am particular about details, as I know many of us are, and I am interested in the differences as to what is available now, since I cannot get my hands on too many of these in person. Big curves and toe curves seem to be pretty popular these days. I am seeing a lot of clones with a lot of subtle differences. easton p6 is almost a mid curve, slightly open, farily round curve, fairly round toe. bauer p91a is a wedge, starts very early, and less curve. more like an open p9 ccm/rbk p36a is almost a blend of easton p3 and p6 warrior w05 kovalev is pretty close to easton p6, maybe a bit more of a wedge warrior p12 wisniewski looks really close, but with a square toe (which i dont mind) sherwood has quite a few that are close pp10, 20, 26, 61, but 20 which should be closest (labeled "DR") is more like a wedge than a curve I could go on, but these seem like the most popular brands and options. If anyone has experience with these, i would appreciate some input as to what is closest to easton p6 in other brands. I do most like the looks of warrior w12 and sherwood pp61, as they are a bit more curved like my old favorite p3 type curve. My history with these curves... The short version: I used p3 as a shooter's curve and had a lot of success with it. Lately my style of play has changed a little and I find myself missing the net all the time, especially high and left (right hand shot) when shooting hard. p6 blade has helped a lot lately, and i'm shooting well and stickhandling a lot better. The long version: I started playing ice several years ago (after high school) with a sakic curve (on a chrome and blue colored synergy SL) after years of roller hockey with a jagr or lemieux (all time favorite) curve. I played well with the sakic for a long time, and when that stick broke (3 years maybe) I got into a sakic wood blade on a synthesis shaft. shortly after, i got a warrior dolomite with a draper curve, a little more exaggerated than the sakic, and the 2-piece became my backup stick. for some reason, i used the backup in a game and broke the wood blade, so i went online and bought 3 more. the ones that came were all marked p3 sakic, but were actually drury curves, just mislabeled. turned out to be a happy accident, since i am loving them now. with my backup sticks an unfamiliar curve, i was looking for a new stick, and my dolomite could become a backup. i ended up finding a kronik on clearance, same curve and flex as my dolomite, so i got it an had been using it happily for a few years. but recently i have been playing a bit differently, and i have not been in love with it like i was. i decided to try the drury curve again, wood blade in the synthesis shaft, and had been playing really well with it. it cured my shooting problems, and i was stickhandling with it really well. thinking about it, the blade reminded me a lot of the old lemieux i had. so now i want to try a modern one-piece with a comparable curve, or get ready with a replacement blade for when my last wood blade breaks. I know i like the easton p6, but i do not like a lot of the clones. the only one i can find in local shops (around Boston) with any regularity is the bauer p91a, which is a lot more of a wedge and not curved enough, and with a different profile and longer too. the warrior options look great, but not very available. without hunting these down, i would love some input from compassionate drury-curve lovers. also, thanks for reading the whole post, if you did. i hope the long version helps, but ill be happy to provide any other info about me that could help.
  10. First off this site is awesome with a wealth of information. That being said i cannot for the life of me find a manufacturer that makes something similar to the new E28/kreps in a tapered blade format. I have searched and the only option i can find is the custom T90s from PSHG. I am not opposed to this route except that i cannot find the link directly on their page only through google. I have searched MSH for custom blade threads only to find posts from ~2006 recommending christian and TPS. My question is who if anyone these days makes a tapered blade with a pattern like Kreps/E28 OR Who else takes custom orders. My Mako II is great but I cannot justify 269.99 every time and neither can my wife lol. Thanks, Rich
  11. Im looking for the closet blade on the market today that comes to what Hull had on his Z Bubble?
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