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Found 7 results

  1. Reebok Edge Pro Stock Socks Pittsburgh Penguins - 2011 Winter Classic Brand New in the BagXL+ (2)$10 + Shipping
  2. I don't have any direct experience the performance team socks out there. Our youth league has always used Knit. However, we are considering a change to the full polyester performance socks. Between AK, SP, Bauer, Reebok, etc, are the products all very similar in terms of the structure and sizing of the sock? For example, if I prefer a specific pattern that AK has over, say, Bauer, am I trading anything significant brand for brand?
  3. Does anyone else here get really cold toes when playing? It usually happens when I play games but not on practices. I bought the new Bauer kevlar socks and my feet didn't get cold for a week but then it started again. Any advice will help thanks.
  4. I'm looking for a cheap website to buy a team set of knit hockey socks from. The cheapest I've found is $10 a pair with no bulk discount. I'm looking to buy red new jersey devils socks, preferably from CCM.
  5. I'm looking to spend roughly $20 on a pair of performance skate socks. I've been looking around online and I can't seem to narrow it down to a certain brand. I'll post a few of the socks I have been looking at below. Are the cut-resistant/protective socks really worth the extra cash? My skates tend to fight a bit tight, so I'm not looking for anything too thick. http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Hockey_Elite_Liner_Socks/itm/16114-41/?mtx_id=0 http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Premium_Performance_Skate_Socks/itm/9026-43/?mtx_id=0 http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Dynasty_AX2_Performance_Compression_Socks/itm/11860-43/?mtx_id=0 http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Pro-Tech_Knee_Length_Socks/itm/7414-43/?mtx_id=0 http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Stealth_Advanced_Skate_Socks/itm/6262-43/?mtx_id=0
  6. Nashville Predators Edge Socks (Retail) Adult Like New SOLD Toronto Maple Leafs Edge Socks (Retail) Adult Like New SOLD Fargo Force (USHL) 13" Brand New $125 + Shipping SOLD CCM V10 Hershey Bears Medium Good Condition $175 + Shipping SOLD Hershey Bears CCM CL Gloves 14" Good Condition $100 + Shipping SOLD CCM QMJHL 9K Shell Small Brand New w/o Tags SOLD Reebok New York Islanders Third/Alternate 9K Shell Extra Large (6 5 4 available) Brand New with Tags SOLD OUT Norfolk Admirals CCM CL Gloves 13" Good Condition, all padding intact SOLD Norfolk Admirals Edge Socks Large Used SOLD Reebok Montreal Canadiens 1910-1911 Heritage 9K Shell Large Like New - I can find no flaws on it and I never used it SOLD Reebok Buffalo Sabres 9K Shell Medium Brand New with Tags SOLD NO TRADES I ship internationally, but you need to send funds in USD I do request that you send money as a PayPal gift, if you don't feel comfortable doing so, please add the fee to your total.
  7. Reviewer Details: 28 years old / 5’11 / 205lbs Location: Calgary, AB Playing Level: Men's div A/B and rec league hockey (former minor league rep team player) After a lengthy search for "the best skate socks", I picked up a pair of Bauer Vapor performance skate socks on the advice of a couple MSH members. I've been using them exclusively for approximately 5 months now. Fit: The sizing on the package is true for my application. I'm a 9.5-10 shoe size, and I fit really well into a size large pair which is advertised for an 8-13 shoe size. The sock definitely fits tight all over the foot and doesn't seem to bag out, bunch up or relax over time. My calves are fairly muscular and I definitely struggle a bit to get the socks all the way up on my leg, especially right at the top hem of the sock, but they definitely aren't falling down when they're in place. While the socks are tight, they aren't restrictive or painful. Someone with larger legs might not be able to get them all the way up their calves comfortably. If you have a larger or wider foot (approaching the 12-13 size), the socks might be fairly tight for you. 9/10 Protection: This is definitely a thicker sock, but not in the same way as a wool sock or a regular old gym sock. I'd say they're slightly thicker than Coolees socks. This adds to the protective qualities of the sock. I feel that my foot is protected from any seams, rubbing, etc within my skate. The sock also has a double layer of fabric in the area most commonly affected by lace bite, and are double-walled in the ankle area. 10/10 Weight: I think the weight and protection of the sock go somewhat hand in hand. I will add that the socks are still fairly light weight, and don't seem to gain a lot more weight when wet. They feel like a well-built product in your hands. They aren't flimsy like a pair of sweat socks. The weight might also contribute to their warmth. I find these socks a bit warmer than most other pairs that I've tried, but I tend to prefer that over frozen toes. 10/10 Durability: I've been using these socks for approximately 5 months, an average of 3 times per week. I try to wash them after every use, and when that isn't possible I wash them at least once a week. I dry them in the dryer and this has not caused them to shrink or wear. I've noticed nothing in terms of durability issues. There's a bit of pilling around the ankle and heel, but it is extremely minor. No loose threads, no tears, no broken elastics. The socks remain as tight and functional as the day I first bought them. 10/10 Intangibles: I think I paid in the neighborhood of $17-20 CDN for a pair of these socks. At the time I thought it was a bit much, but they've been worth every dollar and more. I was buying a ton of other socks, trying to find something that worked and felt best for me. Since wearing these socks for the first time, I've had no inclination to so much as try anything else. There's no grips on the socks and they don't move around when I slide my foot into my skates. The sock stays where you want to wear it and doesn't twist or move. This is the most comfortable pair of socks that I've ever worn inside skates. Conclusion: These socks rock, plain and simple. I might just be the fussiest guy when it comes to skate socks, and I have a big box of all the socks that didn't make the cut to prove it. The Bauer Vapor performance skate sock is the best out of anything I've tried, and I'll continue to wear them exclusively. I want to thank the Overall Rating: 9.75/10
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