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    VH Footwear Customs w LS Edge holder & LS3 steel
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    True A4.5 / Bauer Supreme MX3
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    Sherwood T90 Undercover / Miken Razor Z9 (LTR)
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    Bauer 7500 + Oakley VR825
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    RBK MHP520 Pro / Nike Bauer Team Canada Pro +1
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    Bauer Nexus 6000
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    Bauer Nexus 6000
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    Bauer APX2
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    My goalie kit:
    - Bauer One100 Custom Pads (Olivier Roy Pro Return)
    - Bauer One100 Custom Catcher (w practice palm) and Blocker (David Honzik Pro Returns)
    - McKenny 890 Instinct Pro C/A
    - Koho Titanium 560 Skates (Tommy Salo Pro Return)
    - RBK 11k pants
    - John Brown custom thigh-knee
    - Bauer NME8 mask
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  1. You're already spending your money on custom skates, getting someone to help you who's done it more than once or twice is always a bonus if you're near a fit center. Being fitted at a fit center doesn't cost you any more than doing the tracings yourself, and they can help identify issues, options or other anything else you may have missed on your own.
  2. We play to games of 5 and switch goalies every 5 goals. Never consider that getting "pulled".
  3. I believe Lemieux was in Graf at some point.
  4. Still rockin' the VH's though!
  5. It doesn't make it thicker on the portion of tongue that touches your foot. Just a ~1/8" thick piece of material down the centre-middle of the upper half of the outside of the tongue. It's the area on the tongue that appears silver in some pictures (or raised black in some of my pictures) down to the area where the velcro starts. I can post a pic of it later tonight or tomorrow. It will stiffen up the tongue as well as adding some protection. It's definitely a consideration to look into. Typically that irritation is caused by the friction of the tongue moving and shifting when you're skating (or tongue breakdown from this reason). Preventing this will usually stop the friction and irritation. You could also look into a product like Stable26 or Ezeefit Booties to add some volume into the area where you have reduced volume. This may help prevent the tongue from wandering as much, or stop the area from becoming so irritated.
  6. If you have any degree of over-pronation with or without a certain shape to your foot (thicker on medial side, slimmer on lateral side), the tongue can torque to the outside like that. If all else feels good on your tongue (maybe aside from the pressure you're having at the top of the boot), I'd suggest trying to tether or have a strap sewn into your original tongue that will help it stay centered (you can run your laces through it in a few places). Or, have someone double check your alignment if anyone in your area is capable of that. You may also need a bit of a thicker tongue to accommodate your foot shape and skating style. In that case getting a new, thicker tongue is probably your best bet. Tough to say for sure without seeing it in person.
  7. But, Haley may be an ambassador for women's/girl's hockey through Bauer. So it may not be a team thing or league thing, but rather a personal deal as an ambassador.
  8. Lets say you're a pro athlete and someone is sponsoring you or your team (let's say Bauer or CCM) and you have to wear their gear. Let's also say that you love their protective, but that their skates aren't your cup of tea for fit or comfort reasons. Perhaps you could wear another brand of skates as long as an effort was given to make them look like the product you're sponsored to wear, and as long as you don't actively endorse the other product... May be completely off-base, or may be something to think about.
  9. Ok gents. The official word from VH... The enhanced metatarsal guard CAN be embroidered. Up to 3 digits (numbers or letters) - just like the tongue without metatarsal guard. I posted a pic of the embroidered metatarsal guard a page or so back. The skates with the "GB" and "MB" embroidery - with a black metatarsal guard. The enhanced metatarsal guard covers up the VH logo on the tongue, as does the embroidery option. Hope that helps clear stuff up.
  10. I'm going to confirm the "no embroidery on enhanced metatarsal guard" with VH - I've ordered this option before without issue, but maybe something has changed.
  11. I'd recommend trying them with the VH footbeds first. They are quite nice. The SOLE may take up too much volume and change how your foot sits in the boot. If you feel like you need a bit more material under your arch you can add a bit more of the material under the VH insole, or try something like the SOLE insole. I'd also recommend re-baking them if you change insoles.
  12. I had SOLE super-slim in mine for a while to give my arch a bit more support. I ended up not liking the skating feel and went to a Black Superfeet where I get less heel lift, less arch support, but better foot feel.
  13. That's how they ship all pairs, even to authorized dealers. In boxes, with labels. They don't have VH bags as of yet, as far as I know. On the flip side, Bauer, CCM, etc don't put their custom skates in bags either. Graf "sometimes" does. Re: epoxy - they are handmade, which leads to occasionally some epoxy remaining on the boot. Not sure what you mean about the material hanging off. Glad you received your skates and that the initial feel seems positive!
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