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CCM Vector

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CCM Vector Gloves

Fit- These gloves fit rather large. It's a big 14," that comes with a wrist wrap/protection as well. I have fairly small hands, so this was a bit overwhelming at first coming from Eagle X70s. Fit's PP, I won't give it a rating, but the fit just wasn't good for me. I have fairly small hands, I like alot of freedom in the wrists. This was a semi-loose gloves for the hands and wrists, but again, tighter than the X70s. I loosened the wrist wrap and it helped alot.

Protection- This is where the glove thrives. Has the wrist wrap, the glove seems to have a hard sheel everywhere. Thumb, fingers, back of the hands, in the cuff, but it doesn't hinder mobility at all. I was impressed with the great overall protection of the gloves 10/10

Weight- I wouldn't know what to say on this. The felt light to me. I don't know what a good glove weight is really. Didn't notice anything extremely light, but also didn't notice them on my hands at all. 8/10

Durability- I had these for a few skates and few shootarounds. Didn't notice any wear on the palms not the gloves. Looked brand new. Didn't have them for a very long time, but good for the short time they were in my possession 9/10

Intangibles- The palms. Seem to be re-inforced, with grip. I was using a non-grip stick, and I've always been a grip guy and I felt these gave me better control than any grip stick I've ever used. Didn't notice any wear with that and it just worked out well. Also the wrist-wrap is a nice feature to have if you prefer the extra protection 9/10

Conclusion- The fit wasn't there for me. I had to get rid of them because of it, but it was tough. I just felt I didn't need all the extra protection and it didn't seem to "click" for me. Ontop of that, it's a protective glove, and being at my stage, I don't need all of that coverage. That being said, they were the only drawbacks for me, and both are personal issue. The actual glove was first class all the way. Had everything a protective glove should and more. If you can, try these on like you should with any piece of equipment. See if they fit, if they do, I'd definately suggest investing in a pair. I'd rate these a 8/10 only because of my issues with the fit. Still a great product and has opened my eyes to CCM equipment (I've always kind've steered away from everything except the Tack skates)

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CCM Vector Pro's (2006)

Reviewer Profile - 6'3", 215lb. Play twice per week (beer league/drop in).

Fit: After trying on seemingly endless pairs (Eagle X70s, Bauer XX, and TPS HGTs to name a few) it came down to either the CCM Pro Tacks, or the Vector Pros. The Vector Pros had just made their debut that year, whereas the Tacks were the proven product, but I couldn't get over how much better I liked the fit of the Vectors.

They fit narrow, but the design of the cuff allows for tons of freedom of movement. The cuff is also adjustable, so you can open it up or tighten it down to your preference. They aren't the tightest glove around, but they're definitely on the tight-side of the market. Not as tight as One90s or Graf 700s, but only a little looser.

The cut of the palms is wonderful as well; the palms are rounded out towards the wrist (instead of straight across like the XX/XXX). This rounding means the glove/cuff can be shorter, but your palm still sits nicely in the glove (9Ks have similar design). Where I would've needed 15" in the Pro Tacks, I got away with 14" Vectors.

The fingers are much slimmer than the Tacks; I find it lets me grip the stick easier, and my hand feels more nimble.

Score: 10/10 (it's all PP, but I haven't found a pair I like better)

Protection: The Pro level glove has EPP with plastic inserts. It gives the protection I'd expect from any high-end glove, but nothing spectacular. The only area I might subtract points for (and I've never had a problem with it) is the padding on your pinky finger, which amounts to nothing more than two thin plastic pieces.

Score: 8.5/10

Weight: Not the lightest, but you won't notice it out there. The fit and responsiveness more than makes up for any weight.

Score: 8.5/10

Durability: After 2 years the gloves have held up pretty well. The exterior looks almost as good as the day I took it home from the shop (minus some cosmetic scuffing). Gussets are in good shape and the palm has stayed stitched throughout. The left palm (top hand) has a good sized hole in it, but this is to be expected after two years especially with digital palms, which never provide the same durability as their Nash brethren. Right hand palm still looks great. I'll subtract a little for the palms, but I knew what I was getting into when I bought them.

Score: 8.5/10

Intangibles: The "Vector" wordmark looks nice enough, but I've always wondered why CCM made Vector so big on the cuff - I'd rather it said CCM, but it's a minor thing. I also would've prefered embroidered logos, but that's PP. The other touches to the glove (embroidered NHL logo, mesh, faux carbon fibre, grip on palm) are all top notch, and I think it's a great looking glove to rival the XX/XXX. Honestly, this stuff means less to mean than the first few categories, but to each there own.

Score: 9/10

Final Score: 8.9/10 (an average)


As you can tell, I love these gloves - they are probably my single favourite piece of equipment. They fit my hand like a dream, and they've held up well for the amount of hockey I've played over the past 18-24 months. What I'll never understand is why CCM abandoned this style after barely a year - these gloves had promise I tell you! I also wonder why they weren't better received at the pro level, but most pro's seem to like the Pro Tacks instead. Despite the big boys reluctance to try them, I'd easily recommend them to anyone, especially if you can find them on clear-out.

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