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DR Legend series gloves

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Fit- A true 14" glove so it was a bit smaller than I prefer but it's as close as I can get with most gloves. It's not a snug fit like a vapor XX and it's not a really loose fit like an Eagle X70, it's a pretty traditional fit as the name would imply. 8/10

Protection- No inserts but fairly thick foam. There is a small extension above the cuff but nothing as crazy as Gretz used to use. 8/10

Weight- They really weigh next to nothing, it's amazing. When you put them on it's a strange feeling because they feel so light. 9/10

Durability- Having only used them for a month or so, I can't really comment on this. There is some discoloration on the palm but no cuts in the material anywhere. INCOMPLETE

Intangibles- Goat palm means you don't need a grip stick. In fact a grip stick may cause some problems and reduce the durability. I believe they have thickened the palm for 2006. I love the old school look with the lace-up cuff as well. I removed the laces from mine to get a little more mobility but it's more mental than anything else. 9/10

Conclusion- Very sweet glove, especially since you can score them for $75-$90. The retro vibe doesn't work for everyone but it's perfect for beer league guys or anyone who wants to go retro with their gear. It's a very traditional looking glove but things like a coolmax lining and goat palm show that you aren't sacrificing modern comfort or advances just to rock the old school look. Total score 8.5/10

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