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JR Boucicaut

Nike ZeroG

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Nike Quest Zero-G Wood Stick

Curve: Lemieux

Flex: 220

Blade- Seems like a Quest 1 blade which I like. It's not on the heavy side but it's not exactly light either. The feel is like any other wood stick and the shots just seem to come off of it with ease. No cracks and its still stiff. 10/10

Flex- The stick came in 220 which is probably around a 100 but since I had to cut it down about 1.5 inch it's even stiffer. It's not the greatest stick for wristers but it's really good with slappers. 8.5/10

Stickhandling/Recieving passes- Great feel to the stick as it's wood. Stickhandling is just like the Flexlite 12 which is ideal for me. When receiving passes the blade feels solid and reliable. 10/10

Shooting- Combined with the flex and the curve it's not the greatest for accurate wristers but it does make for good hard fast rising wristers. I'm not one who can snap that well but slappers fly off this stick better than my XXX Lite, but since I use stickhandling and wristers more than my slappers i'm going to give this an 8.5/10

Weight/Balance- I have to say when this came in the mail I was a tad disappointed with all the hype. It honestly wasn't all that light as I thought it would be but I don't really mind. The balance is decent and theres not much else to say about this department. 9/10

Durability - The shaft is an absolute tank and the blade has held up really well.


Shaft Shape/Cosmetics/Materials - Double Concave shaft makes for a great feeling shaft and it also has a bubbly texture for I'm guessing a little bit of grip. The looks of the stick are okay.. they remind me alot of Easton for some reason. The materials of the stick are: Vented Aspen Core/Graphite/Fibreglass. The stick is hollow but it's not 'composite' hollow. It's just a small hole but it's still hollow. 8.5/10

Conclusion- It was worth my $20 even though it's a tad too stiff and the curve is a little hard to get used to. I got lucky hearing the news that a Nike Store in Toronto had them on this board so thanks to who spread that. All in all it serves it's good purpose as a backup and it can at times fire rockets. 9/10

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