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JR Boucicaut

Nike/Bauer One60 Wood Blade

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Reviewed: NikeBauer One60 Wood Blade, P88 Lindros Curve, Right Handed in Easton Ultra-lite Shaft

Reviewer: 6'1" 190 lbs 22y.o. - Aggressive Rec Hockey Player

Stiffness: I take pretty good care of the blades, and I consider stiffness a big part of durability, so refer to the section below. However, right off the rack they're as stiff as any blade I've used.

Durability: I bought a few of these at once (I had a coupon!) and I've had some mixed results in terms of durability. The first two blades lasted quite a while (4 months each of ice time 3x/Week, and got slowly chewed apart on the top and bottom due to slashes and skates. However they only stopped being functional when the heel started to wear down and separate. This took a while, and the laminant/paint job that Nike included seemed to help. When this happened, I filled the spots with wax and got another few weeks out of them. Overall, for the price (~$25CND), it's not too bad to replace them occasionally, and I'm certainly happy with their durability for a wood stick. If it were a composite blade, I'd be unhappy, but overall they're an 8/10.

Weight: Some of the reason I bought these blades was that they had a little "heft" to them, so weight wise.... if lighter is better, 7/10...

Stickhandling/Passing:Stickhandling and passing are the reason that I buy wood blades. I like having a little extra weight and give when receiving passes, and stickhandling is a breeze. 9.5/10

Shooting: It takes a little while for these blades to go soft, so shooting is great for the first 15-20 ice times. After that it gets a little less gusto on it every time. However, this is true with most blades, and they're cost effective enough that it's not too outrageous to replace them occasionally. They don't have the initial stiffness of some new composite blades, but you can still wire them as well as you could with a One60 wood stick. 8/10

Conclusion: Great blades for the price, if you want the wood stick feel in a shaft/blade combo, then this is the one. However, the consitency of the curve seems to vary greatly from blade to blade. Even if you get the same pattern, it may be slightly different so if you're super picky, be wary of this. Overall though, I like em enough to buy them again! 8/10

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