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JR Boucicaut

Nike/Bauer Vapor XXXX

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Product: vapor xxxx, right, 87 flex, naslund curve

Time of use: 2 months 3 times a week on avg.

My stats: age 17, 5'9 160 pounds. on ice since i was 4

Blade: great. nice and stiff. catching passes is a breeze though. it seems like any pass i catch just sticks to the blade. theres a few little chips after 2 months but its going very good so far 10/10

Flex: the flex is very good.flexes much closser to the blade than most of my other sticks. my slapshots just fly off compared to my l-2.

wristers have suffered but i think its just because the curve change from lidstrom to naslund. the snappers have been off and on. when i connect just right the shot is solid though 8/10

Stickhandling/receiving passes: my stickhandling has been off because this stick feels blade-light in my opinion and ive had a little trouble getting used to it being that way. switch to ST for shootouts because i like a little blade weight. personal preference is all it is though. like above catching passes is like nothing. the puck just "sticks" to the blade. 9/10

Shooting: have had a good shot with it but wristers and snappers dont seem to "snap" like some other sticks ive had like the one90. slappers have been very good though for me. broke our goalies cage on accident the other day. cracked a few welds. been clocked at 76 with my beloved l-2 and 84 with this stick so im very pleased in that department 7/10

Weight and balance: very well balanced. its bladelight though and im used to more blade heavy sticks. 7/10

Durability: so far so good. 2 months of hard shooting and the flex and blade are both very good still. i was afraid of durability after breaking the one90 in 3 weeks but this has been very good. 10/10

Conclusion: the vapor xxxx is a very good stick. very light and probably the best looking stick out in my opinion. i guess im just to used to a heavier stick so this stick will not make the cut for me. cant get used to the feel and seem to loose the puck alot more when stick handling. back to the l-2 and tryin out many more sticks in the future to find that perfect one :) wish i could find some si-cores.



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Product: Vapor XXXX, Left, 102 flex, PM9/Malkin Pattern

Time of Use: 1 month, 2-3 times a week

26 y/o, 5'9", 195...Roller for 17 years, ice 1 year (will never go back to roller)

Stick-handling/receiving passes: IMHO by far the best features of the stick thus far. Stick-handling and puck feel are INCREDIBLE. Other OPS that i have used in the past are Vapor VII, Vapor XXX, One90, and SWD RM5, and this stick TROUNCES them all. I've felt in the past that i would lose the puck as a result of the lack of feel on the other OPS i have used, especially some of the lower end ones. However, this is the first OPS that i have TOTAL confidence in feel for the puck...OUTRAGEOUS! Receiving passes is AMAZING with this stick as well. I feel like regardless of how hard the pass that i'm receiving is, the blade allow for a little more "give" when catching passes. The feel is there, but in no way does the feel make it seem as though the stiffness of the blade is compromised. it is NOT. Just phenomenal all around. 10/10 for both categories

Shooting: I am primarily a wrist shot taker. The stick definitely isn't the best i've handled in terms of the so-called "pop" you should get from a thin taper and such a low kick point on wrist shots. HOWEVER, i do believe that is directly related to the flex of the stick. IMO, the 102 feels stiffer than any other 102 i've used. In comparison to the Vapor XXX's i've had in a 102, it feels stiffer. So i would probably want to try the XXXX in an 87 flex. All of this said, while the "pop" may not necessarily be there on wrist shots, i don't feel like my velocity is compromised so much that i would stop using the stick or that i don't feel comfortable. Slappers and snappers feel fine with the XXXX, and it feels like i get good velocity on those shot types. 8/10

Weight and balance: the weight of the stick is absolutely fine. It is certainly not as light as the Vapor XXX, and i feel like i prefer that a bit. I loved the XXX's that i used, but felt that the stick maybe felt too light at times. The XXXX is perfect in regards to weight for me. Balance seems to feel fine on this stick. Very comparative to the other Vapor models i've used. the XXXX feels pretty even to me, but i should note that i use a bit of a larger handle than most people i've seen with taped grips, and also add a rather large butt end to the stick in order to better control poke checking (something i've always had since i was a kid). 10/10 for both

Durability: seems FANTASTICALLY durable. although i'm not sure i can really give a full review of this yet because i've only had the stick for a month, as compared to a Vapor XXX which lasted me 5 months before it snapped (RIP :(). That said, the XXXX feels like it will probably give me more time than my XXX's have. (no rating based on time)

Conclusion: I am certainly loving this stick so far. As i've mentioned above, in regards to puck feel, stick-handling and pass accepting, this stick is BY A LONG-SHOT the best i've ever used. I certainly feel like my wrist shot isn't EXACTLY where i want it to be from a velocity perspective, but again, i feel i would need to go with a lower flex. I would DEFINITELY buy another XXXX, but the next time, i'll be buying it in a 87 flex.



EDIT: as noted in 1 of the other threads, i found a deal on an 87 flex that i could NOT pass up. FANTASTIC. even better than the 102 in regards to shooting. I'm definitely getting that extra flex, and as a result "pop" on the wrister....awesome! so in buying this stick, i'd say check out the flexes and see if your normal flex would be right for you, or if you should tone down.

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Product: Vapor XXXX, Left, 112 Flex Pro stock similar to Lidstrom

Time of Use: 1 month, 3-4 times a week

29 y/o 6'2 250 playing for 24 years

Stick-handling/receiving passes: Great feel and super light. The blade gives great feedback and has the best feel I've experienced with a OPS. The receiving of passes is better than most OPS, but still nothing copared to a two piece. If a bouncy blade is your issue, save your money and get a 2 piece with a wood blade. 9/10

Shooting: I'm a big guy who plays the point and I can say that I have never shot quicker or harder. Wristers and snappers fly off the blade and I can lean as hard as I want in to a slapshot with great results. 10/10

Durability: Not really impressive. One good hack and it was done in the thinner part of the shaft right near the blade. 20 ice times, 10 of those games and 10 coaching. 5/10

Conclusion: Performance is through the roof, but as always I die a little inside when they break. If I'd bought it at full price I would be furious.

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Product: Vapor xxxx, right, retail, 77 flex, P91A Staal curve

Time of use: Limited pick up over a year, plus some coaching. Stick is currently a back up I use. Also, stick is in virtually brand new condition.

My stats: age 37, 5'8 176 pounds. Playing since I was 5 or 6 years old

Blade: Blade is nice and stiff, no pinginess to it, not too soft even after limited use. Feeling the puck is top notch. 10/10

Flex: The flex feels much stiffer than what I expected with a 77 marking. I only cut it down maybe 2 inches. I have a tapered shaft Easton 85 that feels whippier than this. I can load it, but still expected more whip. 8/10

Stickhandling / passing: Stickhandling and passing with this stick, IMO, is great. As I said, there is no pinginess when receiving a pass, and can make a pass without issue. 10/10

Shooting: Again related to the stiffer feel than I thought it would be, but for me the shots are where I know they can be. It's not bad, but for me, not what I like. I definately can't knock it much. 7/10

Weight and balance: This is a very light stick, and well balanced. Balance for me isn't a huge factor compared to some. Again though - it is also heavier than my Easton SE 2 pc. 9/10

Durability: I've had no issues or concerns with the durability of this stick. I've taken a few hacks and hard lifts, and given some too. Sure there is a minor paint chip or two, but otherwise a very durable stick. 10/10

Other comments: The look of this stick is excellent. I have the no-grip version. The white upper and deep red colour on the bottom of shaft and blade (showing the weave) make this a very flashy, yet not overbearing stick to look at.

Conclusion: This stick was my first venture into a tapered shaft one piece. I like the stick, but the feel of it for me is too stiff for it's rating. Puck feel, shooting, durability are all top notch. I have it as a back up/spare as it is just OK for me. I can't deduct too many points though, as it is a great stick.

8/10 Overall

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