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JR Boucicaut

RBK 6k

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Well, since no one seems to have anything to say about it, I`ll pipe in.

Profile - 6`3, 230, defense \ winger

The only aspects of a blade I care about are their handling & feel, shooting, durability, and price.

PRICE - you get what you pay for. This is a cheap blade, but there are better options out there for the same money. Considering mine didn`t last as long as some wood blades I`ve tried, I`d have to say buy a couple good wooden blades instead and get the feel. 5

HANDLING AND FEEL - transmitted little feel other than a twisting on shots. Very clunky when stick-handling, and lots of vibration on receiving passes. 4

SHOOTING - felt ok on the first few slapshots, but got flexible very quickly. Wristers were k, but snapshots and slapshots got wild and inconsistant. 4

DURABILITY - Horrible - broke the first night I brought it on the ice. Luckily enough, the store owner let me take somethign else in a warranty return instead of taking another 6k. 1

Overall, I wish all the teams we play against wetre using this blade - lol. Seriously, not worth the money, and I would not recommend it.

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