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Bauer One75

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Bauer One75 Gloves

Size: 13"

Time Used: 1 year

Fit - These are pretty much the tightest fitting gloves on the market, which I prefer as my hands are a bit small even for size 13". I love the fit of these gloves: tight in the palm, tight in the fingers, and the cuff never touches the wrist. When I rotate my wrists, they don't move around at all. They did break in a bit, but the size hasn't increased too much. 10/10

Weight & Mobility - I don't think gloves get much lighter. They are full nylon, don't seem to have a ton of inserts, and don't have a lot of extra material. Even brand new, they felt broken in because the fingers moved so freely and easily. The cuff is designed to flare open and "get out of the way" of the forearm so it never feels as if it's constrictive. Again, as light and mobile as I could find. 10/10

Protection - I've had a few shots and a couple slashes to the gloves and to be honest there's not a great amount of protection. I've had some good bruised and stingers, especially on the fingers. Playing defense, they make me a bit nervous, but if I had to play center or saw more high shots, I would probably check out the One95's or another glove. 5/10

Durability - The gloves themselves are in great shape, look brand new from the top. There is some palm wear, but as I have used tennis gauze on the grip that is expected. I have a summer and a winter season on them and will probably get another year out of the palms, which is great. Unfortunately, the thumb stitching came out on one side after 9 months, so I will have to get that repaired. 8/10

Intangibles - I prefer the look and feel of these to the One90 type gloves, a little more traditional but still modern. The embroidered white Bauer logo looks great on the all black glove. I do wish they'd do away with the palm material extending around the thumb area and the little vent.

Conclusions - Bauer seems to have taken their One90 concept and improved it quite a bit. It's quite a bit different from a traditional glove, but it's so lightweight, broken-in feeling, and mobile that it feels like you're wearing nothing...including when you get hit.

OVERALL - 7/10

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