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  1. Thanks for the responses! And JR, glad to see the website is still doing great! I've definitely shifted away from the higher end stuff the last several years. Most of the time I try and find either discounted clearance stuff or just use the price point gear. My son's been playing for a few years now and I'm sinking a fair amount into his leagues! The STX stuff looks very interesting, especially for the price. It looks like, before discounts, the high end pants are at $100 which is about the third tier for most other brands. Is it comparable to at least the second tier (around $140) price point for the others? If there's free shipping, I may take a flier. Is the quality up to snuff though? I bought a pair of clearance Stallion 300 gloves this past season and blew out one of the palms in about six months, which is crazy fast. Usually I get a full year or more out of them. They were good while they lasted though. Also have a few of the Surgeon 500 sticks from a couple years ago, great weight and kick although the blades get chewed up quickly. I also would probably end up ordering gear one way or another...I'm kind of in a no man's land for good shops right now. It's about a 20-30 minute drive to get to one of the Pure Hockey locations where I live now.
  2. Hey everyone, been forever since I posted and want some advice. For the last 5+ years, I've mostly been using entry level protective gear. I play 1-2 times per week, low to mid level rec leagues, no hitting, minimal contact. The protection has been fine but my gear has been falling apart and needs to be replaced frequently. I'm about to buy my third set of pants and fifth set of shin guards in that time. My pants rip in the material connecting the lace-up/waist portion, and my shin guards all crack on the knees. So I have two questions: 1. From a quality standpoint, is it worth spending twice as much to get the high end gear? Again, I'm not concerned about the protection as much as I am with plastics cracking and materials ripping apart. I don't want to spend $300 on new pants/shins/elbows if I have to replace it within 1-2 years again. 2. Are there any brands that are noticeably good or bad in terms of quality? I'm tried Reebok, CCM (same mfg I know), and Bauer with the same issues. Never tried Warrior. Any other thoughts or recommendations are welcome. Thanks!
  3. I like the concept of a velcro removable tongue with different options available from the manufacturer.
  4. The easiest way to install the product is with the included sticky tape. It won't slide off and it will go right on. If you don't read the instructions (I didn't the first time) and try to force it on, you'll spend an hour and get it half way on and get mad. Otherwise if you want to try and re-use it, you can give hairspray a shot, but a lot of people have had issues with concave wall sticks not sticking to the grip (myself included). Personally I stopped using the grips because they don't offer the tape job I want...just a simple knob at the top 1" width, but not obscenely large.
  5. Jarick

    TPS R8 Pro

    TPS R8 Pro Gloves (full nylon) Size: 12" Background - I purchased another pair of TPS R8 gloves and have used them for the past year, so I thought I would make another review. After a season with Bauer One75's, I wanted a little more protection as I had a few numb and bruised fingers from slashes and pucks. The Bauers did not have any plastic inserts, so I shopped for gloves that would have plenty of protection. Because my 13" TPS R8 gloves broke in so much, I decided to try a pair of 12" gloves. Fit - at first the gloves were fairly tight, but after a couple hours of skating, they loosened up and are now fairly comfortable, although I do like my gloves tight. The fingers are about 1/2" too short, which is my only complaint with the fit, although I can still use them without issue. The tapered fingers are a nice tough as there is less slop once broken in. Another benefit of the 12" glove is a short cuff which allows plenty of movement. I use large Jofa elbow pads which are long on the forearm and knock into the cuff of most gloves, but these aren't an issue. 8/10 Weight & Mobility - the gloves feel fairly light, not as much as some of the lightest gloves without plastic, but lighter than most 4-Rolls. Still, glove weight isn't much of an issue overall. In terms of mobility, the cuffs have a nice split to them which allows for full wrist movement and of course being a 12" glove I get even more freedom. After a couple skates they felt broken in for the most part. 9/10 Protection - compared to my previous review, I haven't had any issues at all with these gloves. I believe because of the loose fit of the previous gloves, I was getting hit on the outside of my fingers, rather than the padding taking the shock, if that makes sense. The only injury I've had with these gloves is trying to glove down pucks, and obviously it's not a goalie glove so it's of my own stupidity. I can whack the outside of the gloves with a stick and it absorbs and disperses almost all of the hit, and outside of the Warrior gloves with the bone system, that's about as good as it gets for a glove. 9/10 Durability - on nearly every pair of gloves I've used, the stitching seems to come out of the thumb, especially on the bottom hand. It happened with the previous TPS gloves, with my Bauer Supremes, and TWICE with these gloves. Otherwise the stitching has held up a lot better than the previous TPS gloves. I have used sticks with Tacki-Mac grips, Oggie textures, and both cloth and currently Powerflex tape. The palm has worn through the first layer on the top hand but oddly enough the wear slowed down quite a bit. The palms seem to be fairly thick though they are soft, so that may have helped with their lifespan. The nylon on the gloves is worn in spots although there are no outright rips or holes. I believe I will get another 1-2 seasons out of these gloves with a repalming before needing replacement. 9/10 Intangibles - I still think the TPS are some of the nicest looking gloves, especially in the red and black colors that match my team's New Jersey scheme. The palm was incredibly soft and comfortable for several months until they became crusty. Conclusions - it's a shame these aren't made any more because they were a nice alternative to the other 4-Roll gloves on the market. But they are still all over the place on clearance. I have tried PPFi's, Eagle Talons, and some Warriors but keep coming back to these gloves. Overall 9/10
  6. Jarick

    Tackla 9000 Air

    Tackla 9000 Air Pants 5'8 180 C-league Background - I purchased these pants a year ago because my old Vapors had a lot of gaps in protection and moving to defense and taking pucks to the legs just plain hurt. I was torn between the Tackla 9000 and the Reebok 9k, which I still think is an excellent pant. I decided to go with the Tacklas based on their reputation. Since then, I've had probably 40 league games and 25+ drop ins, clinics, and other skates. Fit - these are generally tighter in the waist and looser in the legs than most pants. They are comfortable and never get in the way while playing. Even though they are "heavy" and "bulky" they are still very "mobile" as you have full movement while playing. I believe the segmented leg pads play a part of this but they are cut very well too. Mine don't have zippers on the legs but I never used them on other pants. They have a tie and a belt and I've never had issues with them sliding around or moving. They do run a bit big so if you are between sizes go smaller. 10/10 Protection - they have a great reputation for being tanks on the ice and I've barely felt a thing while wearing them. My previous Vapor pants had all kinds of gaps in the padding but the Tacklas have padding all around the legs, plenty of hip padding, tailbone padding, etc. Lots of plastic inserts too. My only complaint or wish would be a floating tailpiece like newer Reebok pants, where it hugs the spine. I haven't had any issues in game but it would be nice. 9/10 Weight - they may be a little heavy but honestly there's no way you can feel it on the ice; they have so little relative weight and are right on your core that it's not an issue. Maybe the plastic thigh inserts bounce a little bit while skating, but I've never felt like I need lighter pants. 10/10 Durability - the only problem I have ever seen with a pair of Tackla pants, and there are hundreds of used pants here in Minnesota, is a fading of the outer nylon, especially in the thigh area. That's all I've seen on my pants which otherwise look new. Not a stitch out of place, which is better than a lot of new gear I've purchased. 10/10 Intangibles - these make me look bottom heavy on the ice. Also, they dry out incredibly quickly and develop no smell. Conclusion - Tacklas in my opinion are the cream of the crop for pants. I bought mine based on reputation and highly recommend them. They are a little pricey but will last a really long time. Overall 10/10
  7. What do you mean shorter/longer? I ask because I'm between 12" and 13" gloves. I have a pair of 12" TPS gloves which fit great except are 1/2" too short in the fingers. If all Eagle does for their custom finger lengths is just sew a little bigger palm on them or a little longer gusset, it'd be cheaper for me to have my gloves repalmed with those alterations...
  8. When you get Eagles with custom finger lengths, do they just give you more or less material in the gussets/palms or do they actually make a slightly longer or shorter finger?
  9. Roll the grip up from the bottom working up to the top and pull it off. Use some Goo Gone to remove the residue. Then re-install with either Aquanet hair spray or water soluble golf grip adhesive.
  10. Yes the silver and green/orange sticks are Dolomites while the silver and blue/gold sticks Spyne. Very confusing. The Spyne sticks are supposed to have "linear taper" (mid-kick) while the Dolomites are suppose to have "precision taper" (low-kick). Oddly enough the Spyne 75 flex senior with similar construction and kick point compared to the AK27 70 flex intermediate felt whippier yet kicked harder. To summarize... 70 flex intermediate Dolomite had okay kick and flex felt whippy 70 flex intermediate AK27 2-piece had mediocre kick and flex felt stiff 75 flex senior Spyne had great kick and flex feels perfect 75 flex intermediate X60 had excellent kick and flex feels perfect 75 flex senior Dolomite flex felt stiff (didn't use it on ice but have had three in the past that had great kick to them) And yes, the DD Warrior blades feel as good as or better than the One95's that I used. Not sure about durability yet.
  11. Somewhat irrelevant now as they're discontinued, but with the Warrior clearance, I picked up a Dolomite DD intermediate (70 flex) and it was too whippy for me. Sold it and got a Dolomite Spyne DD senior (75 flex) and the flex is perfect. Very comparable to the Bauer 75 flex intermediates, which are also on clearance some places but still more money. Excellent feel on the blades too. Just a heads up for any other 'tweeners out there.
  12. If you like 65 flex, check out the Battleaxe sticks. They have the Drury curve and are really high performance and light weight. Only downside is that it snapped on me from taking slappers as the shaft walls were thin, but the BX12 or BX7 might hold up better. The BX12 is reinforced throughout the shaft and the BX7 probably has a bit more fiberglass for durability. I believe the BX10 is 100% graphite (felt like it anyway, super light). There's always 2-piece as well...
  13. Which shaft texture would be closest to nipple grip? Diamond?
  14. Pro stock 65 flexers are impossible to find. After refining my shot the last year or so, I'm getting more into stiffer sticks, but even then some of the senior whip flexes are too stiff when cut down 8-10". I need to feel it load or flex just a hair when I shoot. I'm not looking anymore for the stick to bend in half, but to at least get some movement. I've wasted some good money on 75 flex sticks that barely moved even when I'm taking slappers. That 75 flex X60 was just an eye opener. Finally got a stick that gave me enough stiffness to stop losing power on my shots but could still load it up. I'd happily be 5'10 or taller so I could use a senior stick though! The 6'3+ guys on my team who use 100 flex sticks have absolute bombs that I'll never compete with.
  15. Jarick

    Bauer Vapor X60

    Bauer Vapor X60 Stick'um Flex: 75 flex (intermediate) Curve: P92 Time used: four months (30-40 skates) Reviewer: 5'8 185 C-leaguer Aesthetics: Good looking stick. I prefer the white color with the 12k wrap visible on the blade. Red accents means it matches my team's color scheme too. Weight and Balance: Very light weight and great balance due to the monocomp construction. At full length, it didn't feel blade heavy, which is rare. Cut down and with an Oggie grip installed, it felt nicely balanced. Replacing that with a 4" wood plug, the stick feels light as a feather. 10/10 Blade: Feel is more lively and ceramic than a Bauer Supreme or wood, but it feels a lot more solid than most one piece sticks, possibly because of the monocomp construction. Blade is incredibly stiff, just like new. It also features an expanded throat which is supposed to reduce twisting. 8/10 Shaft and Flex: Slimmer shaft due to intermediate dimensions with rounded corners means it does feel a touch small in the hand. Designed with flex points near the blade and the butt end for quick release on shots. Feels and performs like a low kickpoint stick to me, which is exactly what I wanted. Flex is true to rating and the perfect compromise for someone between intermediate and senior whip flexes. 10/10 Stick Handling and Passing: The light weight and blade light balance allows for quicker hand movement and less fatigue in stick handling. The lively feel can make the puck feel a bit jumpy though. Receiving crisp passes requires a bit of cradling, although the blade does seem to tame them a bit (and better than the previous year's Vapor sticks). 9/10 Shooting: Great power and quick release for all shots. With slappers, the stick loads nicely and they feel fairly powerful coming off the blade. Snappers load and unload very quickly. Wrist shots are very quick and hard and easy to shoot with the light weight of the blade. Accuracy is never a problem as everything goes where you expect. 10/10 Durability: There are a couple small chips in the blade and shaft but the stick plays and feels just like new, including the stiffness of the blade. Graphics are still in great shape. It feels like a tank. 10/10 Conclusion: Having used 67 flex intermediate and 77 flex senior Vapor XXV's from the previous year, this stick was a huge improvement. The flex was perfectly in the middle, suffering neither from the 67's lag and weak slapshots nor from the 77's difficulty to load and stiff feel. Blade feel is the only concern for players who would prefer a softer blade, but everything else is fantastic. It still performs as new and has held up wonderfully. Overall: 9.5/10
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