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Bauer Supreme One35

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Thanks to uclahockey707 for the template :)

Reviewed: Bauer One35 Senior Small

Height: 5'11

Weight: 131

Hockey Experience: House/Beer/Rec


I'm a pretty skinny guy and this size fits me well. I did have to make an adjustment to the belting system (tied a knot so I can pull the belt tighter) to fit perfectly. Comparing Vapor to Supreme though, I think the Supremes are more tighter fitting around the waist than the Vapors, so if you're like me, perhaps the Supremes would fit better. This pair was a bit shorter than I would have preferred and it leaves a small gap between the shins and pant leg unprotected.



Being a low-end pant, the One35 offers moderate levels of protection for its price. I feel that the protection on the thigh panels and the spine guard were average, but the main weakness here is the tailbone (butt protection) guard. I fall on my ass a lot and it hurts haha. These pants offer good protection if you're playing rec hockey like me, but then again, if you play more competitve, or you play with more of a physical edge, I do recommend better pants.



Not having a high level of protection, these pants are definitely lighter than the more bulkier and protective models, and if that's what you prefer, than these pants do offer a mobile, lightweight feel.



Initially, I really liked the zipper on the thighs, both for the perceived increased mobility and the 'style' factor. However after a year of use, I find that they might as well be redundant, as the velcro catches on to each other and seal up the opening anyhow (too lazy to stick a matching velcro piece onto it, but w/e :)) but if you look for zippers and dont want to spend too much on pants, than this model could work for you, as it retails for about $60-$70. Goopd value at that price point as well.


Final Rating: 7.5/10

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