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CCM V10 black size medium with torspo pro straight visor

Purchased: January 2011

Fit: It has a fairly narrow fit in my opinion, much more narrow than the 8k. I think that the fit is very similar to the Bauer 5500/7500. If you put a half-shield visor it does widen a bit. 9/10

Ventilation: My head doesn't seem to get too hot wearing it, so I guess the ventilation is fine. 8/10

Protection: No issues so far. Again, very similar to the 5500. 9/10

Weight: I don't really notice it while I'm playing it, which is all I can ask for. Not as light as the 8k though.

Durability: No issues so far. The inside padding is getting a little hard though, but that's to be expected from a helmet with epp foam. 8.5/10

Intangibles: I think that the V10 is one of the better looking helmets on the market. I think it looks really dumb with a cage but it looks really nice with a visor. 9/10

Conclusion: Very good helmet. It doesn't really stand out in any particular area, it's just a good helmet all around. I would say that it is very similar to the Bauer 5500/7500 helmet in terms of fit and protection, although I would say that the V10 is more comfortable. 9/10

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