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Reebok/CCM MHP520 Pants

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Reviewer Details:

5' 7"

180 lbs

C/b Level Skater

Pant Size Medium

Here is my review of these pants, I have had them for over 2 years and bought another pair as backup so I have extensive use in these. These pants can still be had on eBay and pro sales and I believe a review is warranted:


Excellent, not a loose pant and legs are slightly tapered for me at least. Hardly notice these pants are on. The legs have a zipper to allow for dressing with skates on and a velcro tab to cover zipper. 2 nylon belts and lace tie secure the front.



Amazing protection, never felt a shot in these. Let's just say I have used these in net and felt nothing wearing them. Again, you get excellent protection and its not bulky. There is no protection on inner thighs just for disclosure but hard plastic guards abound in these pants



Still going strong after 2 years. There is fraying and a hole in the spandex in the groin/rear but that is normal. There are 2 piece pants so sometimes a button might come undone due to the slots holding the button widening over time. Overall can't complain



I personally can't notice but these are not the lightest pants on the market, nor are they the heaviest. This is very subjective but as the pants don't hinder my movements, they aren't noticeable and therefore, the weight isn't enough to warrant negative comment or praise.



Best pants I have ever used to date, I believe there are modern variants but these are excellent pants and I will be my go to pair until I find a replacement. Would recommend to anyone.


Again, these are 2 piece pants. Sizing runs true to most companies with medium being for 32" waist, large for 34" and so on.

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