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The MAD Line

CCM U+12

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Just some background: Currently playing in a beer league once per week on. Played high school hockey, for provincial teams, as well AAA yearly when growing up.

Current size: 6'0"/167lbs

Glove Size: 14"

Fit - I have long, skinny fingers, so finding a glove that offers long enough fingers without having so much volume that the glove feels as though it is going to fall off is a challenge for me. Most of my gloves in the past (NB Supreme one90, Bauer Vapor XXX, Bauer Vapor 9) have all been 15". To get the length needed for my fingers a 14" was fine. I did give up some length in the wrist, but the fit is snug in the hand, but plenty of length in the fingers. 9/10

Protection - As stated, I did give up some wrist protection because of the shorter style cuff of the U+12's, but that is the only area. The backhand and finger protection is great. Have taken a couple of pucks off of the back of the hand with no issues at all. 7/10

Weight - Very light weight glove. It was one of the aspects that surprised me most about these gloves. What's great is that once my hands start to sweat, they don't hold a lot of the sweat, meaning they stay light weight the entire time you're using them. As much as I loved my Vapor XXX gloves, they tended to hold more sweat and feel heavier than when the session started, just not the case with these. 9.5/10

Durability - Been using these gloves for 7 months now and the only wear I am starting to see is in the palm. I am typically not hard on palms. Generally some other part of the gloves has to be stitched or replaced before the palm for me. Thus far, the general wear of the palms has been the only wear I've seen. The rest of the glove looks virtually brand new, besides a couple puck marks. 9/10

Intangibles - Just the looks. Big fan of navy/white colourways and these don't disappoint in the looks department. Nice, soft palm as well.

Conclusion - For the price, if the fit is right for you and you don't mind a shorter style cuff, compared to many other similar fitting gloves, they need to be at or near the top of your "to try" list. 9/10

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