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Reebok 4k Backpack Bag

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Reebok 4k backpack bag


I have been using this bag for over a year now and have had some time to form an opinion about it. When I originally bought this bag I was looking for something roomy enough to put my ice and roller gear in with external skate pockets and some extra pockets for storage.


Overall this bag has been pretty durable. I've used for ice and roller and its held up to being tossed in and out of the car and having my gear thrown in it. I always use blade guards with my ice skates so I have no worries of the blades slicing through the bag. The only issue I had so far is that one of the zippers on the skate pockets gave way. The skate pocket is still deep enough to hold my skates without fear of them falling out in transport. So far the rest of the zippers and stitching seem pretty solid.


Storage/ features

I was really interested in this bag because of the amount of pockets and storage solutions, but to tell you the truth IMO it has twice the amount of pockets that it needs. There are more pockets on this bag then a set of army cargo pants. In reality I only needed a pocket to put my washables in ie jerseys and socks, and another to keep pucks and spare items in. Most of the other pockets go unused. I really like the venting on the skate pockets and the compartment for washables. Shoulder straps are supportive for the weight and I have no problem fitting in a senior set of equipment in, whether it be ice or roller gear. My ice and roller skates both size 8.5 have no problems fitting into the skate pockets (not at the same time of course). The bottom of the bag is made with a sturdier more durable material to take the beating it get of being thrown in a locker room.



I think this bag was a good purchase for the amount I paid for it. This is the first backpack bag I've owned and with this style being popular for roller which predominately what I play I will continue to use this. For future purchases I might try a new product just because of how many brands are available in the market, but I would recommend this bag especially for someone looking for the maximum amount of storage.


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