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    Easton S17, Mission NLS 2
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    Base Supernatural
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    STX Surgeon
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    Reebok 5K
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    Bauer Vapor X60 Girdle
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    Warrior Franchise
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    Bauer Vapor X60

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  1. Things change, 4/5 years ago I would skate on two Thursday teams and sub for two other teams on different days. If there was open floor time, I’d be there. Just not the same now. I still enjoy playing, but I don’t schedule life around it. Might take a break again this summer, depending how the summer schedule is looking. Everyone’s situation is different, but you gotta do what’s right for you too. Good luck with everything!
  2. Just legally change your name, obviously that guy had nice mitts! jk
  3. So much wheel on that boot they look like the profile of a speed skate, bet they are fast!!
  4. @LoneStar77 did the same and picked up the nls2. Wasn’t a big fan of the new color scheme. It took about 6 or 7 skates after baking them at home for them to tighten down.
  5. To see a teammate hovering around the rink looking for his teeth that just got knocked out from a loose stick. No thanks. It’s not even the sticks sometimes, it’s a deflected puck that rides up a stick or some other variation. I’ll take the chirping vs having to call my boss to explain why I can’t work the next day. Just not worth the risk to me.
  6. Curious as to how this is going with the OP? And what did you end up doing? I had similar feelings going on last year. It would start up close to the time I needed to leave for my league games and I would start thinking of reasons not to go. I really enjoy my teammates and the ability to play, but I think my issue was the league I skate in. There are only 3 other teams and I was sick of skating against the same goons every week. Sure winning is definitely a better feeling than losing week in and out, but I was almost more worried about taking a cheap shot and being intentionally injured. I ended up taking last summer off and then the rest of the year just to give myself a break. It worked out well for me at least. Came back to my team after the beginning of the year felt a lot better about the game. Still taking some time to get my game back, and there’s still a little apprehension on my end about getting out there against certain skaters, but at the end the day I’m glad to be skating again. I definitely missed having a night out of the house with the boys! Hope everything is working out for the OP.
  7. So unfortunately I have had the make the Surgeon my back up. It has started to split at the top of the blade where the blade meets the shaft. With the splits the blade has gotten soft enough that you can flex it in your hands. I'm sure it still has some life in it and may get some use here and there.
  8. Thought I'd check in. Gloves have broken in well and with the temps dropping I'm not having any issues with them being hot. So for you ice guys I think these would be great gloves if you like the tapered fit. The palms have softened up a lil but are not wearing much. As a whole the gloves are holding up great and offer a really solid level of protection. I have about 5 season of roller on them now and have been really impressed so far.
  9. I've had a chance to use the gloves through a couple more seasons now. And I must say they are great gloves. The palms are breaking in rather nicely and showing very little wear. The fingers flex well and the cuffs allow for a pretty full range of motion. As far as protection is concerned, I did that a pretty good lumberjack swing to the thumb which left me bruised, but that's been one instance. Info find these gloves to still be on the warm side. Factor in the snug fit and the fact that I'm on a roller rink adds to the temperature.
  10. I'm with you on the girdles. Even on ice i still prefer a girdle, but have had the same struggle... ice girdles are too protective and bulky for roller and the roller girdles these days don't feel protective enough. I have been curious about that new Mission but afraid of its price tag. The solution I ended up with was Ebay. I found an old school Cooper and have modified some of the padding to open its range of motion. Good luck and if you snag that Mission, let us know your thoughts on it.
  11. "They feel light, flexible and padded enough that some hack won't destroy my hands" That was quoted by one of my former teammates when I handed one over for him to check it out. I feel like the quote summarizes my thoughts so far. I have been able to skate with them about 6 times so far. Its been a challenge because my wife and I have moved across state and there was a good chunk of time that I wasn't skating. I recently joined a house team so I can get my feet moving again. so my thoughts on these thus far.... The fit is pretty snug, they don't move around while stick handling and during game play. I was able to stick handle without feeling like I had brand new gloves on, just different gloves. They maintain a flexible broken in feeling. I did notice that their snug fit makes them a bit warm. I will contribute part of it to the fact I'm playing roller hockey in summer, it may be a different situation on the ice. The palms don't have any grip like feature to them which is fine by me because most manufacturers offer this feature in sticks. They palms feel on the thick side, the palms make the shaft of my stick feel slimmer compared to my Bauer Supreme palms. I don't think this an issue, just different from what I'm used to. So far I'm please with how they play and their feel. At this point I haven't taken any hacks I've noticed to be able to comment on their protection.
  12. Mods, you can lock this up, I'm going to donate most of these items . Thanks
  13. First I would like to thank JR, MSH, and STX for allowing me the opportunity to take part in another LTR. This last year I had the opportunity to LTR the STX Surgeon 500 stick and really enjoyed it. While my stick is still hanging in there, I am excited to pair the gloves and stick together. A little background on myself.. 5'9" 160 lbs shoot right Previous gloves used- Bauer Supreme One75, Alkali CA9, CA5 I usually play defense, but have been known to take some forward shifts when needed. I don't have any dangles but make up for it in hard nose, go in the corners, and grind the puck out play. Currently I'm on a break from season play and will be writing these reviews from playing some stick and puck and drop in when I can. My family is in the process of closing on a new house and moving across the state where hopefully I'll be able to jump on a new team Initial Thoughts Color- Black Size- 14" Upon unboxing these gloves I immediately thought they had a great sleek look to them. The logos are clearly readable and the gloves are not too flashy. The majority of their construction is a synthetic nylon like material and then trimmed another synthetic poly like material. Fit and finish are top notch, free of any blemishes. When I slip my hand into the glove I notice right away their snug fit. The inside padding is soft and the finger dexterity is great. These gloves already feel broken in when you move your fingers in and out thanks to lycra gussets and STX's M2 Knuckles. The knuckle feature three segments per finger on the first three, and two segments on the pinky. The cable thumb feature allows you to flex it forward all the way to the palm. These gloves feel lightweight, I don't own a scale so I won't make any claims to how light they actually are. The wrist maneuverability allows you roll your wrist in a comfortable movement, except for one area for me... the spot on the glove that has the 500 logo. I feel that this could flex forward more. While rolling my wrist in different directions this pad hits my forearm. I might take care of this with a little customization and a trim because its not completely stitched. The protection feels to be made of multiple layers. The top layer is a harder plastic or foam followed by a softer more dense foam. Its too early to make any claims about how they take the abuse that gets dished out during a game, but for now I will say that they feel solid.
  14. I'm hoping that Surgeon 500 Elbow fits the void left by the Warrior Projects that I haven't been able to fill since my set broke about a year ago.
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