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Bauer 7500

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Length of use – 1 year

Fit – This helmet fits my head very well. No pressure points or any other issues. When you first put it on there is the feeling of some tightness around the temples, but after a few seconds the memory type foam padding at those spots gives and then it fits perfect. Again this is subjective because helmets fit differently for each person. 9.5/10

Protection – The most important part of this is fit. If a helmet doesn’t fit your head correctly then it doesn’t matter what foams, etc. it is comprised of. This being said I find that this helmet provides a lot of protection (and comfort too). I have a history of concussions and have taken several hits (ie falling backwards and smacking the back of my helmet on the ice) with this helmet and have not had any issues. 9.5/10

Weight – I have not put the helmet on a scale, but it isn’t noticeable on the head. Definitely not as light as say the Re-Akt or E700. 7/10

Durability – My helmet still looks/feels brand new. The only issue that I have noticed is that the two pads on the sides are glued in and tend to move/slip a little. All you have to do is push them back into place and you are good to go. 8.5/10

Intangibles – My biggest concern was to have a helmet that was very protective and still passed the mirror test. I feel that this helmet was able to provide both. This helmet breathes pretty well and I have enjoyed not having sweat dripping in my face during games/practice. 8/10

Conclusion – Overall this is a great helmet and definitely worth considering if it fits your head type. The price point with the introduction of the newer Re-Akt, etc makes it a great bargain for the amount of protection that you get.

Final score – 42.5/50 = 8.5

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