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Eagle PPF x 705

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Eagle x705


Two months, usually 2 games and 2 practices/scrimmages weekly

Height: 5'11

Weight: 195lbs

Position: Left Wing, Left D, right shot

Fit 9/10

These gloves are a classic fit and are true to size. The X705 is a budget glove and was purchased as a backup pair to be used while training. They broke in quickly but did not last long enough for me to adequately judge them.

Weight/Mobility (8/10):

There are lighter gloves on the market; however, the Eagle X705 provided excellent mobility. The mid level protection allowed good finger dexterity and the index finger is a 3 knuckle design giving a large range of motion. From new the gloves were loose feeling and did not require any form of breaking in to feel comfortable. The lock thumb is nice and stiff and what you would expect out of a modern glove.

Protection (8/10):

I was happy with the level of protection these gloves offered, plastic inserts over single density foam are more than adequate for practice and shinny play.

Durability (0/10):

The stitching ripped on the upper hand only months into these gloves lives. Because they were purchased in a clearance sale the store did not want to return or exchange them. I was very disappointed in the lack of longevity these gloves showed as I have had excellent, though more expensive, gloves from Eagle in the past and expected these to be constructed to the same standard of quality as the rest. Though I would like to attribute this to an unluckiness the lower hand stitching also started to give, which leads me to believe this was more than just coincidence.



Aesthetics: (10/10)

Classic Eagle 4-roll looks, very nice. Tufftek exterior with Eagle MSH3 palm.

Conclusion: (7/10)

I may have got an unlucky bounce on these gloves but I was quite disappointed with the results. Initially everything was as expected, a solid budget glove to be used as a second pair, but with time they fell apart and were relegated to the junk pile. Aesthetically they are great, protection leaves nothing to be desired and overall they have the makings of a great budget glove. If durability was not an issue (though this may have been an isolated case) I would have no hesitations of recommending this glove to anyone.

Edit for rating numbers.

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