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Warrior Franchise gloves (pro pack, kovalchuk cuff)

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So to start out I splurged on a set of custom franchise glove from warrior last spring and I have since been in love, previous gloves were their king pins, and before that some missions that had one hand with only 4 fingers, not defective, designed that way.
The big options i got were the pro pack plastic inserts and the kovalchuck/luxe cuff, so they are a little different from stock

Perfect! I have a wide big hand/palm but I dont have very long fingers. Other gloves i would have to go to a size 14 and deal with longer fingers that would get stuck wrapped around my stick. the normal fit on these are much wider than otehr gloves so i can get a length i need and a width that fits. for those with normal hands they do have a narrow option for width 10/10

Ive taken slashes, slapshots, front of the net battles, faceoffs to heart with these gloves and i havnt felt a thing. Though after letting up a goal with 4 seconds left i did slam the side of my fist on the rink. there is little to no padding there and i felt it for about a week. i feel other gloves may of had a little more over hang in this spot to protect my hand against my own stupidity so im taking 1 point off, and to be honest its a hard to hit spot but hockey is weird and you could get hit there witha stick or puck. 9/10

Theyre lighter than my previous gloves and even with their liner i dont feel as if theyre heavy. they dont hold water or sweat much for me so that is also a plus. 10/10


Ive had these for about a year and the outside carbon (i went all carbon btw) has pulls but nothing is torn through or cut. stitching is all in tact and the palms have some pilling but nothing serious. friends with the same micronash glove palm have gone near tearing through them though. I use renfrew cloth tape for my butt end so its not too grippy but it does leave the black on my palms. that neon yellow (which i dont like and kind of kill the blacked out theme) is starting to discolor a bit at the ends of the liner which i fold out after every game to dry. 8.5/10

Never had a big problem with hockey smell in my gear and the liner keeps it that way, a plus for being able to customize my glove and have it come from the canadian plant for little less than retail is also nice. the biggest thing is the kovalchuk/luxe cuff. it takse the mobility of the glove up much higher and i can flex much more. though i was offered many palms including jiri hudlers red redwings nash, no one mentioned digital to me, i would have taken this option but i went with micronash. i never had crusting issues with the micronash either, i see other pouring water on their palms to get them soft but not me!

Ive never been a 4 roll guy because of the fit but these fit so well and cover my hand nicely that i hardly know theyre on. unlike my past gloves i feel no restraint in my hands mobility and all the customized options really make them top of the line for me.

47.5/50 = 9.5/10

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