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    Easton Nexus 6000, Mission Inhaler AC2
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    Warrior DT1 W88 Zetterberg 85 flex
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    Warrior Franchise Customs
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    Bauer Re-Akt w/ Oakley Pro Straight Visor, Bauer HH8000 Silver
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    CCM +07, Alkali RPD Max
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    Mission Warp Zero or Sub Zero. My one and only elbow pads. Aint broke dont fix!
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    Easton Synergy 300
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    An old $30 Gear brand backpack bag. Strong after 8 years.

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    Hockey, muscle cars, guitars, and luthier-ing around
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  1. i jsut use think Bauer socks, the older blue ones were ncie bc they dindt add width most skate socks are going to be a PIA to put on bc they usually are usually slight compression
  2. although im not a junior i went to a nexus 6000 for volume and width, and although its still not enough and i get pain its as good as it will get without going custom. I dont know the difference between RBZ and the nexus but i know coming from my easton EQ skates the pitch seemed more forward and i skated much better. the nexus skates needed to be reprofiled for me bc although they were always bad, after a sharpening or two i was really leaning back and falling backwards. Have him try the makos, or just get a profiled runner made with a forward pitch and see whats up.
  3. i had to get my bauer nexus 6000s reprofiled, always felt like i was about to fall backwards. instantly helped.
  4. Bumping again. trying to not bay it
  5. Do many people have a fresh steel waiting in their bag? honest question bc if i dont buy a new steel to replace an older one then i usually dont have an extra pair ready to go.
  6. Chara was having some work done to his skates during one of the breaks. Not sure if the steel popped out or if he was just switching runners or what. But he was stomping down on his skate when the equipment guy finished and tested it out on the ice to see if it was stable or not. He was using the edge holder.
  7. So it improves on the LS2, yes that is what i was saying. But there are other ways out there such as having the two bolts on the outside, like my easton skates where you didnt need to take off the skate to begin with. The only difference is a trigger vs turning two screws. What im saying is the edge trigger improves upon the ls2 but it is mearly catching up and slightly passing other holders, that is from an accesibilty and runner changing standpoint.
  8. A lot of people speak about how its fast and easy to switch out the steel and not take the skate off. What makes it so much faster and secure than say two bolts/screws going through? Either way if you need a change you have to get off the ice, most likely need someone else if you dont want to take the skate off, and need tools. Unless you are a pro player or keep extra steel on the bench you also need to go get the extra steel in the lockeroom too. I think what im getting at is that in the end it really is taking the same rough time. I think it improves on needing to get to a bolt inside the boot but compared to everything else its just a different way to achieve the same thing but is being boasted as a big new thing.
  9. Got my skates back yesterday and skated today. Much, much better. I felt more balanced, didnt fall and didnt feel like I was slipping. The sharpener really wouldnt go into much detail which i didnt like but it worked. I also had my friend work with my on my skating and it was just a good day at the rink
  10. Why would the radius get smaller? A bad skate sharpening or two can really mess it up, yes, but a good sharpener should be able follow whats there. If you mean that after time it may wander off from that fresh perfect new profiling then yes it can
  11. Thats "if" LS4 is quality and they dont charge insane prices for it
  12. It is the bauer basic "stainless steel" it was very short to begin with but they looked like they melted like butter. New steel is definetely needed.
  13. Im not 100% sure, its said to be higher grade, harder steel with an emery finish but i can wait and see what it really is. Emery finish would be a bit rougher and the oposite of polished i think unless the message is getting lost somewhere. Taller steel is welcome as at times i bottom out on turns. I wish there was a way to have a legal step option but im not holding out. This stainless steel also doesnt hold an edge past 2 sessions. Anyway, i went to a different shop today and he looked at my skates and asked where the last place i had them sharpened. He said the back of the skates were heavily grinded out, which must have been a real screw up bc they have only been sharpened 3 times including the initial sharpening. It also looks like the steel is already really short. Theyre at the shop now so well see this week
  14. Right now im waiting to see what ls4 steel is going to offer. With my current steel would going to a bigger radius give me the same effect as it will be flatter
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