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    Easton Nexus 6000, Mission Inhaler AC2
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    Warrior DT1 W88 Zetterberg 85 flex
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    Warrior Franchise Customs
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    Bauer Re-Akt w/ Oakley Pro Straight Visor, Bauer HH8000 Silver
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    CCM +07, Alkali RPD Max
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    Mission Warp Zero or Sub Zero. My one and only elbow pads. Aint broke dont fix!
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    Easton Synergy 300
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    An old $30 Gear brand backpack bag. Strong after 8 years.

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  1. Quick question about the nexus skate shape and how they fit. I know for their first year the nexus 1000 had a slight different fit than the nexus 800 and down. With the new lineup do the 8000 skates differ from the 7000 and below skates? How does the new 2014 lineup differ if at all, fit wise to the previous models? Thanks
  2. It's nice to see a company constantly push instead of making a big innovation and sitting on it or just making small alterations.
  3. If they're truely in your skate size and you know they fit I would say go for it. Renting until June would add up then after you're still buying skates so it may be around the same price anyway. And this way you would have a better boot and one of your own as well. You will rarely ever regret buying a better skate especially if you take up the sport even more so.
  4. I do have a fatter outside foot and it stays fat as it goes back. I also have a lot of volume as well to contend with. The supreme/mission cut in ee fits me nicely without being too wide thankfully but it isn't 100% perfect. If I knew I was going to do ice and had the money and skills to invest in the skate the VH skates look very appealing.
  5. I would say with about 10 skates on them they should be broken in and I stopped having pain by then tbh. The EQs I baked twice so I don't want to do another full bake on them, thus me trying out the low heat blow dryer method. I know you should get your foot measured and go by what they say and tbh I wore a size 10 skate which was way too big prior to getting sized as it just felt comfortable. But foot shape and feel also plays into it as well. I was measured as being on the bigger side of a D width (though the year prior the same shop said I was at least an E go figure) but only tours very generous d fit felt good to methough I didn't like the skate. I tried the ee on the missions and they felt very good if not better than the tours and that's what I'm using, the EQs I bought on a whim in ee and like I said above they fit prefect at first but I didn't use them for a year etc etc. I find two problems with the measuring tools they use, one being they measure your width at it's widest and assume the widest part of your foot is the same on everyone where on some it may be further up or back, or your foot may stay wide where other get narrow. Traditionally. Another problem is if your skate size 6 or skate size 10 the traditional tool says that a D, E, EE width is at a set width no matter how long your foot is. We know skate sizes don't work like that, an ee width skate in size 10 will be wider than an ee width size 6 .
  6. I have the same issue and have them with almost all my skates. I have mission ac2 9ee width (missions are similar to the bauer supreme fit) and easton eq40 in 8.5ee width. the missions no longer give me the pain but the eastons being much newer to me seem to get narrower near the arch, as it goes towards the back of my foot. i find my foot doesnt get narrow that quick and my foot stays wider as it goes towards the back and i feel it squeezes there. it seems to push in and wrap up on my foot in the front of the arch and there isnt much muscle or bone in my foot there to push out on the boot even though i baked them. On both boots i use waxed laces and i dont tie the bottoms tight. the pain starts on the outside meaty part of my foot and then at times goes into my arch and causes some arch cramps as well. it doesnt hurt nearly as bad when skating, but sitting on the bench, and definitely after taking the skates off it starts to really coming on. it hurts to stand on them for about 5 minutes after i take the boot off. I use super feet in both and it helps but ,with the missions they eventually stopped doing this, the EQs only have a couple of skates on them but its getting a little better each time. I think i may take the EQs and put them on and hit it with a blow drier in that spot to hopefully remold it a little. Ill also say the missions felt a little off when fitting but were the best of the bunch. The eastons felt a little narrow but were perfect after the bake, unfortunately the skates sat unused for a year and now when i put them on and skate they seem to need a bit more breaking in to be good.
  7. A skate or two and you'll be good. Less so bc of the recessed wheel and forward stance of the alkalis.
  8. Warrior measured those lies differently so it's not a lie 4 your probably used to. My w88 says lie 4 and it's more like a 5-5.5
  9. If your skates are some of the most popular with all hockey players, and you know people will eventually need more runners and you're the only one to give them that.... Seems like a lawsuit I would take
  10. I checked out the new rpd line at my lhs and one thing I noticed is the skate seems stiffer than previous offering but still felt "plush"." Compared to the rbk skate I had they seemed to have more cushioning in key areas such as the ankle.
  11. The problem would be consistent strokes as mentioned and by hand you need a lot of pressure which becomes harder to maintain over time. Also any type of emery cloth or sandpaper would need constant changing as it gets clogged. May be usefull to give a quick freshen to skates that havnt been sharpened too recently, or as a way to manually get a real nice polish.
  12. i find warriors much easier to flex than eastons and i would stick with an 85 flex if thats what you want to be as close to. the DT1lt is also 63" at full length compared to eastons 60" so you will be cutting more off most likely, but the warriors have their buffer zone so it doesnt change the flex like you think 6" would.
  13. No problem, we all mix up numbers here and there.
  14. im pretty sure the official word is 4-5 inches without a difference in feel.
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