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Easton S17 Elbow Pads

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Easton S17 Elbow Pads
Size Large

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 220

Time-frame of use: I have used these elbow pads for around 4 months.

Fit: These elbow pads fit a little tighter than other pads I have used. Almost a full size down. However, once they are on, I find they cup my elbow and arm very nicely. They seem to have the perfect amount of depth to where I can wear them without feeling like I am exposed or swimming in them. The straps on the pads are very nice and really help secure them in place. The two forearm straps are the common elastic material which allows you to really place the strap exactly how you want it. The upper bicep strap is a neoprene style material which is very comfortable on the arm while also maintaining a very snug fit. I do feel that the undershirt you wear, as expected, makes a difference with whether or not the pad slips down a little bit or not. I've experimented with a few different undershirt styles recently and it's nothing that a piece of tape and push up during a game can't fix though. (9/10)

Mobility: This is my first time using a 3 piece elbow design, and I really like it. I had been using the traditional 2 piece design for a long time and was never completely sold on it. However, as soon as I put these on, it was a totally different feeling. These elbow pads really seem to move with your arm. It doesn't restrict when I am extending or rotating my arm. Movements seem very fluid and I am not constantly feeling the restriction that I have experienced with other pads. (10/10)

Protection: These, being a former top of the line pad, offer a great amount of protection. I haven't noticed any pain when using this elbows, whether it be from contacting a person, stick, boards, or the ice. There is some very heavy duty plastic and foam covering the entire pad. I cannot find any area of weakness while looking at the pad. Also, even though there are some thick pieces of plastic, it interfere with other areas and restrict movement whatsoever. (10/10)

Weight: I came from a mid-tier pad before using these so these obviously felt a little heavier with the beefed up protection. It's a little noticeable on the bench or in the locker room but disappears when on the ice. The added protection is well worth the added weight. (8/10)

Durability: I haven't really used these pads for very long when you consider that some people often use the same pad for years on end. However, in the amount of time that I have used them, I haven't experienced any tears or cuts in the liner or outer shell. The stitching is holding up very nicely, as well as the straps still have their elasticity. The bottom of the pads often slip out from under the arm of my jersey but they look great and haven't experienced any wear yet. (10/10)

Conclusion: Very nice pad. Definitely feels top of the line and offers the protection to prove it. Very mobile and fits well. Might have some sliding if you wear a slipperier style shirt underneath them but they still stay in place very well. (9.5/10)

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