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    Bauer Supreme NXG
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    Reebok Ribcor, CCM RBZ
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    Eagle PPF, Warrior Franchise
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    CCM V08, Bauer 4500
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    Warrior Hustlers, CCM Pro 520
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    Easton S17
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  1. Thanks again for helping me with my skates, @JR Boucicaut. I'm in Metro Detroit so I made the trip to Windsor to get my True skates made. I had the skates come drilled for Tuuks but the store installed them. I had noticed some issues with the copper rivets that JR helped me out with as well. I hadn't noticed the steel rivet issues. It's pretty crazy that was done by, what I'm almost positive was, a manager at one of the largest Canadian chains. I am lucky enough that JR is local to me and was able to help me out with the skates!
  2. Decided to take a picture of the current Wings and Zetterberg glove family. Top: Centennial Classic socks (game worn) and pants, Stadium Series shell and socks (game worn) 2nd: Regular shell, regular gamer shell, '15 WC gamer shell 3rd: Home and away socks, practice jerseys, '09 WC gamer socks, '15 WC gamer socks 4th L to R: custom Franchise, 2x Zetterberg MIC Franchise, Hudler (nearly identical to Z's specs) Franchise, Z's TSR WC Franchise, Weiss WC CCM pro 5th R to L: 2x Z's CC Franchise (game prepped), Z's TSR Sweden Franchise, Z's 2015 All Star Franchise, Z's 2014 All Star AX1, gamer 4500 (Stuart maybe?)
  3. I won't be using it until tomorrow. However, I won't be able to compare them to either. I haven't used the Ribcor since it's initial release. The QRLs that I use are a custom build with a different taper.
  4. I just got mine in today from the VIP program. I've been running around all day today so I will post some more about it later when I am not so busy.
  5. Jets Heritage gear came in today.
  6. Not a bad day today. Berlin Franchise. Zetterberg game prepped CC mitts CC HP45
  7. The current Warrior family is getting a little out of hand.
  8. Hey Malcolm, is that "big toe" version as open or less open than the one pictured here?
  9. I'll throw my hat in the ring as another vote for a few mentioned above: Kovalchuk pro, Kovalev pro (or Perron pro if you need a righty / can't mirror the Kovy), P10, and Gionta would be awesome!
  10. Is there a set price for the tapered shafts yet? I'll also throw my hat in the ring and say that a Kovalev (although mirrored to righty) and the closed mid-toe curve would definitely be an awesome option!
  11. I might know someone who has some they'd move. Let me ask them and I'll let you know.
  12. I usually stay away from overseas Warriors but the All Star gloves went perfectly with my jerseys.
  13. The sock family has grown a little out of hand lately. So before I pick some out to sell, I thought I'd take a family pic. From top to bottom and left to right: All practice socks (white, black, royal, navy, red)Wings '09 WC, Wings '14 WC, Wings home/away, Griffins home/awayAdmirals home/away/3rd, Capitals home, Pirates 3rd, Leafs home/awayLeafs alumni, Marlies WC, Marlies 3rd (?), Crunch away, TBL 3rd, Stars home/awaySens Heritage home/away, Sens home/away/3rd, Caps '15 WC, Caps '11 WCPens '08 WC, Pens '11 WC, 67s home/away, Amerks home/away, Ducks home/awayFalcons home/away, Armada home/away, Kings home/away, Habs home/awayAvs 3rd, Thrashers home/away, Monarchs away, Kings 3rd, Panthers homeHawks home/away, Sharks SS, Jackets home/away, Bulls home/awayBruins home/away, Flyers home/away, Sarnia away (?), Spits 3rdMonsters 3rd, Blues home, Wolfpack away, Icehogs 3rd, (can't remember what team)Jets away, Whalers home/away/3rds, Kings '14 SS, Kings '15 SS
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