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Pro's choice mask

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Pro's Choice is a smaller company in Massachusetts that makes custom masks. Their clients include a few past and present NHL goalies.


The owner, Dom Malerba, is outstanding to deal with and has top notch customer service.

My background: I'm a D guy that switched to playing goal almost two years ago. This is my second mask. My previous mask was a Fusion 9961, which is a great lid for the money.


My mask was made from a mold of my ugly dome, so the fit is incredible. It fit more snug than my old mask. It was a little odd at first, but I'd have a hard time going back. I sent my mask back to Dom after having it a few months to get the quick snap straps sewn on the back plate rather than snapped. I did this because the burned ends of the nylon were digging into my neck a little. Dom told me he prefers to sew those those straps anyway. When a put on my old mask after wearing the PC for a bit it felt terrible and sloppy.



The reason I paid the hefty price tag for this mask. On their website they have a video section of pros taking bombs off of these things. I don't face shots nearly as hard and most likely never will. I feel confident against what ever may be thrown my way. The only issue I ever had was some prolonged ear ringing from a shot that hit me right over the ear hole. It was shot from someone at an open skate I wasn't facing.... hardly the masks fault there.

I also opted for a 4" chin length as I don't wear a dangler and the tri-cat cage.



It's definitely not the lightest mask out there. Due to how well it fits, I've never had an issue with the weight or even noticed it.



I've heard Rask has been using the same one for a long time. I've had mine less than a year but it's just as good as the day I got it. I expect this to be the last mask I ever have to buy.



As it is a custom mask, there is the wait time that is always hard with custom gear. I also had to get help from the Misses to make a mold of my head to send in. The process was a little intimidating at first, but was fairly simple. Dom has recently had to raise his cost as his material cost has gone up over the years. It's a pretty pricey lid.


This is a top notch mask. Not much else I can say. I feel confident against anything that would come my way on the ice. It will always be my first choice when it comes time to play.










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