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Easton Mako

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Easton Mako 2012 model, no grip
Flex: 85
Curve: Getzlaf

Height: 5'-9"
Weight: 200
Postition: D/C

B level Adult Hockey player with 20 years experience

Time-frame of use: 3 months

Aesthetics: I was pleased with the white appearance and subtle graphics. The white paint does chip easily though, revealing the black carbon below.

Weight and Balance: My previous two sticks were Warrior Dynasty and a Totalone LE. I found the Mako felt noticeably heavier than both. Not so much as to be bothersome, but noticeable nonetheless.

Blade: I really enjoy the Getzlaf curve and the blade has good feel. I don't find it too hard, and don't have an issues recieving passes with it. It has been durable, and remained consistent after 40+ games.

Shaft/Flex: Coming from a 77 flex Totalone I was suprised by the sticks flex. This stick feels far whippier than the Totalone, and really took some getting used to. I eventually cut the stick down an additional two inches. For reference this puts the butt end of the stick at the bottom of my chin *without* skates on. I ended up enjoying the shorter stick, however if I couldn't have adjusted it would have been a deal breaker. Even so, if I was to purchase another I would move up to a higher flex rating. I may end up cutting it down further and trying a wood plug. The shaft is nice and responsive though, providing great feel and feedback.


Stickhandling and Passing: Passing is accurate and predictable. However the increased flex can cause the puck to pass under the blade when reaching far for an errant puck.

Shooting: Snap shots are crisp, accurate, and hard. Compared to the Totalone and Dynasty, slapshots and clappers are not as strong. The puck also releases lower than the Dynasty, which had a similar curve.

Durability: After 40+ games the stick is holding up great. Cosmetic chips to the paint, nothing else to note. For reference, my Totalone broke after a year(slapshot to the shaft), however the Dynasty broke(just above the blade) after 6 weeks of use. I haven't found the stick to be deteriorating in anyway. Flex and feel remain the same.

Conclusion: I really enjoy this stick, but wish I had purchased a stiffer flex. I will probably try something different next, but recommend it to anyone in the market.


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