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  1. I've found the kick point to be higher on the EK15 when compared to the Warrior Covert. The EK15 loads better for slappers, but but isn't as quick to respond on snap shots.
  2. I've found all three Bauer lines to generally play stiffer than say True, Easton, or Sherwood. My 95 flex Sherwood Rekker EK15 plays softer than my 87 flex Bauer 1N, and similar to my 87 flex Bauer NXG. I also found the 1X to play stiff, but similar to Warriors Covert QR1.
  3. The local is dressing the wheel at 5/8", and their equipment looks very similar to what my buddy uses. They just don't typically do a great job. This is a three sheet complex that I imagine services a ton of skates. In my 25+ years skating experience I've found some people are better at sharpening skates than others. It'd be great to have a consistent sharpening, but I'm not willing to spend Sparx money to get it.
  4. I get a 5/8" at my local pro shop. The sharpening isn't great, but it's all I can get conveniently. When I have time I travel an hour to have my buddy sharpen my skates with a 3/4". The sharpening is out of this world. The 3/4" feels sharper than the 5/8", with the benefit of increased glide. I've gotten a 5/8" from my buddy, and I had trouble stopping/felt like I was skating in sand. Way too much bite for me. If I hadn't been an experienced skater I could have assumed that my buddy did a terrible job with the 5/8". So, a good sharpening can in fact feel wrong if you've never had it right. Some of the guys I skate with don't like my buddy sharpening their skates, because they are "too sharp" afterward. Telling them to change their hollow is fruitless.
  5. I loved the Ribcore Reckoner. Great at everything. I was really blown away. Thinking about it now makes me want to purchase one. The stick simply loads so well for both snap and slap shots. If I bought another 1N I would go down to a 77 flex from an 87. The Ribcore in an 85 was perfect. Stallion, XCore, Super Tacks, and Ribcore all had similar stiffness. 1X, QRL, 1S, and 1N felt stiff for their rating.
  6. Like you I play defense, and I occasionally play forward. Slap shot power is very important to me, as well as the sticks ability to receive high speed passes. I've recently used: XCore 9, STX Stallion, 1S, 1X, Super Tacks, QRL, and Ribcore Reckoner. My current stick, although it's on its say out, is the 1N. The 1N plays stiffer than the XCore, Stallion, Tacks, and Ribcore. Its also very durable. Blade is very stiff as well. I preferred the Xcore, Tacks, and Ribcore to the 1N. My shot was simply harder with those sticks. I don't get the same slap shot power with the low kick 1X and QRL. That said, my recommendation would be to find your flex and curve in the Hockey Monkey clearance section right now, and get in on their 35% off. I just bought an EK15 for $97.
  7. I found the QR1 to play stiffer, and have a much lower kick point. Personally I found the 40k to be a better all around stick. Slap shots were hard, snaps were quick, and blade feel was great. The QR1 is great as well, but has a completely different feel. YMMV
  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying following your journey. Keep working at it! Stick handling takes a ton of practice. A lot of the guys you see do it so fluidly have untold hours of drills under their belt. A golf ball on a hard surface is a nice tool to practice with.
  9. I've used Reebok, Tron SK300, Knit, and Bauer. Out of all of them , I prefer the Bauer socks. They are very durable, breathe well, and are sized just right. YMMV
  10. I think you might like the ribcore. For a livelier blade, check out the Dt1. I had one of those and really liked it. Try your teammates sticks if you can.
  11. Update 8/18: I am sad to report that the stick is on its last legs. The abrasion on the top of the stick where the shaft transitions into the blade has worsened and is now a split crack about 2.5 inches long. Shot performance has degraded drastically, and I can no longer load slap shots on the blade. Everything is coming off weak and to the right. I will try and use it until it is in two pieces, but I can't use it in a game setting anymore. I'm super bummed. My sticks normally last 6-10 months, so two months seems very premature to me. The XCORE 9 is the best stick I've used to date, and I can't believe our time is over so soon. True is making a wonderful product, and I hope that my sticks short life span is an anomaly. I will take a few pictures shortly and post them up.
  12. I'd buy a small sheet of 316 Stainless from here: http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-stainless-steel-sheets/=ye72eeand make my own. A sharpie, a drill, and some tin snips is all you should need.
  13. Update 8/7: I've now used the XCORE 9 in a total of 30 ice times. The majority of these were competitive games playing defense. Slapshots are still great and the flex is holding true. I am starting to see some abrasions on the top of the stick where the shaft transitions into the blade. This might be signs that the blade is starting to fail. I'm not sure yet, and will have to keep an eye on it. I was an attendee at the most recent MSH Summer Jam, and got to use quite a few sticks. They were: Covert QR1 and QR Pro, RBZ Speedburner, STX Surgeon Rx, CCM Ribcore, and True A6.0. Of these sticks, I found the Ribcore and A6.0 to have the most similar flex and kick point to the XCORE 9. The A6.0 has a blade that feels pingy in comparison, while the Ribcore's felt more similar to the XCORE. I left Summer Jam thinking that I wouldn't choose any of the sticks over the XCORE 9. The Ribcore and A6.0 were close seconds though.
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