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Eagle PFX

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Eagle PFX 15" black/white

To be completely fair, the only other pair of 4-roll gloves I have ever used were a pair of black EastWestHockey pro Easton gloves. I bought these to change color to meet my team requirements and they were Eagle so I expected quality.

Fit- I wore Bauer XXX Pro gloves before switching to these in a size 15" before switching to these gloves and as a modified 4-roll I expected the slight slant of the rolls would mean a tighter feel, however this wasnt the case. The gloves in size 15" were wide enough for my hands, but the finger length was very short in comparison. When compared to the Bauer 15" gloves, these fingers are probably 1/2-3/4" shorter. The wrist is very open and the cuff allowed me full mobility. 7/10

Protection- These gloves come with a plastic insert bonus which was nice. For the price point these gloves offer amazing protection, but the palms of the gloves hurt their score. The palms and interior of the glove cause shooting and stick handling to impact the flesh of your thumb in a way that bruises after games. I was able to take nasty slashes without a problem, and I have never had this happen before, but aside from on ice impacts these gloves actually seem to cause injury to the flesh of the thumb. 7/10

Weight- The gloves were made of a tufftek style nylon, and even though they feature plastic inserts, they retain very little weight. The liner is pretty thick and it substantially retained water over the course of use. The exterior was up to par, but the liner still brings the weight score down, because regardless of cushy preotection, brands like Warrior have found a way to make a liner that can minimize water weight and perform to the same if not better standards. 8/10

Durability- The nylon exterior was tough enough to stand up to nearly two seasons with both time on ice and off. After about 8 months of use both gloves developed a slight tear in the nylon on the outside of the roll closest to the fingers due to what I assume is the plastic insert rubbing. They still maintain their color, and have not faded like some other gloves I have owned. The palm is made up of micronash and being double layered I never had any rips or tears from my tape. The left thumb threading gave out after about a month though, due to poor stitching. The leather was too thin and instead of just coming apart, the material was too thin and the stitch tore through. 7/10

Intangibles- The black/white color scheme still looks fresh and the exterior stitched on design has retained its color, which surprised me on the white because the letters still look remarkably fresh. The palm has less feel than nearly any other glove I have worn which is a bit of a disappointment, but the cuff mobility makes up for this a little bit being that my wrist doesnt feel locked forward at any point. The cuff is also attached in the perfect way that creates a lovely mouth guard slot which is incredibly helpful during practices and times when you prefer not to wear it. 8/10

Conclusion- These gloves are nice for the price but for the Eagle brand I expected a bit higher quality. Also for the largest size glove offered at the retail level, I was not thrilled that the fingers were much too short. The palms were poorly sewn, and lacked the feel expected as well. Aside from those complaints the gloves retained their exterior colors and were fairly durable. The gloves also offered great mobility which is a bonus, but for a pair of $90 gloves these were a bit of a let down. Overall 37/50

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